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New CT-ART 5.0 combines three excellent courses guiding you from beginner to advanced level. » Endgame Nalimov Tablebases Online

Online access to all 3-4-5-6 Nalimov Tablebases

Here you can receive evaluations and variants for all 4-5-6 piece endings with 100% probability! Just drag & drop pieces to the chess board to make a necessary position and click Evaluate. Pay special attention to the fact that you can’t place more than 6 chess pieces on
the chess board at once!

You can change the appearance of your chess pieces and drag them to another square on the board to change the initial position. To select the colour of your pieces click Switch turn. If you want to remove a piece from the chess board, just click a cross sign on it.

You can switch to any set position using the command “Load FEN”.

Load FEN
To insert a position from a program supporting FEN standard (e.g., Chess Assistant) you can copy the current position from this program to the Clipboard (for Chess Assistant – clicking “CTRL” and “\” at the same time) and insert it to Load FEN. After that click Load FEN and the inserted position will upload.

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