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Playing Chess Online – A Guide for the Beginners

Whether it is online or offline, Finns love to play exciting games that offer electrifying entertainment. Casino games are the favourite of Finnish people but they also love to explore new games with innovative concepts and different themes. Finnish online casinos, or “Suomalaiset nettikasinot,” provide a variety of casino games to entertain Finnish gaming enthusiasts. One of the board games that made into the online gaming industry and is becoming increasingly popular is Chess.

Chess is a brain game which involves smart moves and strategies. The game is popular among people of all ages, and it is never too late to learn the game of Chess. There are two things that a player needs to learn to start playing the game; one is game rules, and the second is strategy. One can master chess game only with practice, and the game is all about the skills and talent of the player than luck and chance. 

Many people refrain from playing or learning Chess, thinking it is a complicated game which is not correct. The game of checks is simple and easy to understand and comes with very few guidelines and rules, unlike other competition which comes with a handbook of rules and regulations. The game of pawns has become increasingly popular that people love to play them in online casinos and clubs to win real money. Playing Chess online is different from playing casino games which depends on luck and chance. So, how to play Chess online? The articles give insight into playing Chess online and familiarises you with game rules.

A game of Chess requires two players with each player given a set of pieces, placed at the bottom of the board on either side. The pieces of Chess are arranged and placed in the same order in front of both players. The chess pieces include King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook and Pawns. The first row has King, Queen, Bishop, Knight and Rook, whereas the second row has pawns.

Chess Pieces and Moves

There are six types of chess pieces in a game, and every piece moves differently on the board. Only the knight is capable of moving over other pieces even when they are obstructing the way. The main objective of the game is to capture all the opponent's pieces by moving the pieces in a smart direction from one space to another promptly.

The most crucial piece in the game is king. However, it is the weakest when it comes to the movement on the chessboard. Other pieces can move freely on the board and can be moved several spaces once; the king can only be moved one space forward or sideward. The main aim is to protect the king from opponent’s pieces and any piece which overtakes the king is referred to Check, which means the end of the game.


 Movement of Chess Pieces

As mentioned above, the king is the weakest of all chess pieces and can move only one step either forward or sideward. Queen is the most influential pieces on the chessboard and can be moved in a straight line anywhere. 

Rooks are neutral when it comes to the movement on the chessboard. They can be moved in straight lines in all directions but are only limited to sides and cannot cross other pieces or moved in angular directions.

Bishops are again neutral and can move only in a diagonal direction. If the bishop is white, it can be moved in a diagonal direction in white checks and blacks in backspaces only. Having two bishops for each player strengthens the power of other pieces. 

When it comes to knight, it can be moved on the board in an 'L' shape pattern, which means two blocks ahead and one block sideward. Pawns on the board are weak and can be moved only one step forward and can be easily captured. However, these pawns can be promoted if they reach the other side of the chessboard.

Playing Chess Online

If you are a chess player and are looking for playing the game online for money, then there are plenty of betting and gaming sites that offer different games for betting. But if you are unable to find an online casino that provides chess games in your country, then you can check for online chess clubs that allow you to practice and play chess games to win real money.

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