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New CT-ART 5.0 combines three excellent courses guiding you from beginner to advanced level. » Play Chess Online For Free

Play Chess Online for Free – ChessOK Playing Zone

For everyone interested in chess, we provide a free online chess gaming server. Play chess, participate in tournaments, take or give lessons, follow and discuss broadcast games and tournaments, join and organize teams. More than 75,000 games are played daily, with average online of over 1500 players. Players online: 187
Registered players: 44688

Daily Prize Tournaments
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  • Play with customizable time controls, including freestyle.
  • Find opponents by playing strength, time control, game type (friendly/rated);
  • Play in daily prize tournaments for free – individual, team and mixed (individual and team) tournaments are held regularly.
  • Create or join a team and fight your way into the League Tournaments.
  • Follow free online broadcasts of super tournaments and best matches;
  • Use online game database and computer analysis;
  • Give or take chess lessons;
  • Discuss latest chess news in chat;
  • Buy a one-year Membership at ChessOK Playing Zone (log in using your Playing Zone username), and gain full membership rights for only $18 / €14!
  • Buy any of our Aquarium products and gain one-year membership for free! The Aquarium software is an advanced yet friendly tool you may – among other things – use to store and further analyze the games you play in the ChessOK Playing Zone. (NOTE: Please provide your ChessOK Playing Zone username in the Comments textbox on Order Confirmation)
  • New! Use our new apps for iPhone/iPad and Android OS to play wherever you want!
We provide online technical support and refereeing, including our unique Anti-Computer Control system. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, unlimited free access to tournaments is open to all players. On other days, tournaments are only available to paid members.

For Tapletop/Laptop Computers

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To start playing, download the client, install it on your computer and register a new account.

If you have never used our client before, consider watching the video introduction. or read the manual.

Membership at ChessOK Playing Zone providing you with full membership rights is available here.

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Play right in your browser! You are no longer limited by your computer platform!

The is a separate but newer service that supports extra features, such as online teaching courses, playing against computer, forums and online head-to-head tournaments!

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With this app you can play in the ChessOK Playing Zone on your iPhone or iPad.

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Install this app to play in the ChessOK Playing Zone on your Android-based device.

Other Services

Play against Computer Chess Puzzles
Play against Computer

Test you chess skills and challenge one of the strongest chess playing programs in the world! You have three levels of difficulty to select from and it’s possible to change the appearance of your chess pieces.

Click New Game to choose the colour of your pieces – White or Black. To enter a move you should click on a piece and drag it to the desired square.

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Do you enjoy solving chess puzzles? We invite you to test your chess skill for free on our online chess puzzles! There are 1200 chess puzzles for different levels, from beginners to intermediate players.
Opening Tree Mode Free Chess Games in PGN
Opening Tree Mode

The Opening Tree mode from our chess bestseller – Chess assistant – is now available online! You can now receive detailed statistics on all opening moves carefully classified and stored in our opening database.

You can copy the moves in the PGN line above the statistics table and it’ll be a full PGN file that can be inserted into any chess program. You can also change the appearance of your chess pieces or flip the chess board. A Takeback function allowing you to go one move back is also available.

Download Free Chess Games in PGN

ChessOK provides weekly chess databases containing 2000-3000 new games in CA and PGN format. Save file on your computer, unpack, and then open and analyze it in your favorite chess program (we recommend our Houdini 4 Aquarium and Chess Assistant 14). Latest Game Service available here.

Other games

A lot of chess skills are compatible with other games and activities, such as poker! Learn about the similarities in this overview.

For chess players, playing casino games might seem an unusual move. However, they’ll be surprised to discover that many online casino games require a good understanding of strategy to become a confident player. Blackjack is the best example of a game where understanding strategy is imperative – it doesn’t help you to predict what card is coming next, but you better understand the chances of winning a hand in any given situation.

Study chess online on Chess King Learn! Time-proven training courses, thousands of examples and exercises.

Start playing right now in your web browser on Chess King Playing Zone! Teams, tournaments, training, analysis and much more!

Download weekly chess database updates (containing 2000+ games) with latest tournaments and games in PGN and Chess Assistant format.

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