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Second Grand Prix Tournament: Sochi 2008 03 August 2008
Sochi The second tournament in the FIDE Grand Prix Series will run July 30 – August 15, with thirteen rounds and two rest days – the standard schedule for all six tournaments. The first Grand Prix was won by Vugar Gashimov, Wang Yue and Magnus Carlsen and of these three players, Gashimov and Wang Yue will also compete in Sochi. The Russian resort city Sochi (population 400,000) is situated in Krasnodar Krai, just north of the southern Russian border. It sprawls along the shores of the Black Sea against the background of the snow-capped peaks of the Caucasus Mountains. The city has been selected to host the XXII Olympic Winter Games in 2014.
1 round;2 round; 3 round; 4 round; 5 round; 6 round; 7 round;
8 round;
9 round;10 round; 11 round; 12 round; 13 round
Live comments by ICCF IM Mikhail Emelyanov:
A.Grischuk – S.Karjakin
G.Kamsky – V.Ivanchuk
V.Ivanchuk – L.Aronian
G.Kamsky – L.Aronian
T.Radjabov – I.Cheparinov
I.Cheparinov – A.Grischuk
T.Radjabov – G.Kamsky
V.Gashimov – L.Aronian
V.Ivanchuk – I.Cheparinov
I.Cheparinov – L.Aronian
V.Ivanchuk – T.Radjabov
T.Radjabov – L.Aronian
S.Karjakin – T.Radjabov

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