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New CT-ART 5.0 combines three excellent courses guiding you from beginner to advanced level. » New Aquarium 4.0.6 – major update
New Aquarium 4.0.6 – major update 30 December 2010
Major Aquarium update, version 4.0.6 is released. This is setup for update from any 4.0.* version (i.e. Aquarium 2010 and Aquarium 4) to 4.0.6: Update Here is the list of improvements in 4.0.6 comparing to Aquarium 4.0.5: What’s new In short it is the most valuable Aquarium update. Tons of internal and external changes were done. The major ones:
  1. With many games opened Aquarium 4.0.6 starts much faster than previous versions (games in 4.0.6 are created as virtual objects and not as real visual objects).
  2. Engines tournaments are strongly reconsidered and many problems with them are fixed.
  3. You don’t need to create a new tree configuration for a new IDeA project with a new tree. Single IDeA tree configuration is used. The corresponding project tree is displayed for every project automatically.
  4. With 4.0.6 you don’t need to go to IDeA mode to manage IDeA projects. The IDeA project can be linked to a game. So you will have IDeA Stage Status window in the game. This is especially useful for correspondence games. There is no need in synchronization of moves more.
  5. IDeA trees tend to grow with time. Now you can eliminate them easily sending information that is already unessential for the project itself to Master tree used for accumulating all your analysis.
  6. With 4.0.6 you may change the engines used in analysis on the fly. If you need to use some engine for other purposes just uncheck it with dialogue under Engines button.
  7. You may leave Aquarium while remote engines perform infinite analysis. When you start Aquarium again it will connect to remote engine server and continue the session. This may be especially useful if you have remote server at home and notebook far from home. Not a single hour will be lost even if your notebook is sleeping.
  8. Colors from several books can be shown in one tree configuration. So you may easily compare moves in Jeroen’s and Jiri’s books for example.
  9. Tree configurations are single .xml files now, so sharing them is easy.
  10. XFCCPlay utility for playing correspondence chess tournaments became mature. It shows draw offers in red, saves messages from your opponents, and allows accepting draws without making moves. You may forget about synchronization of positions – the utility makes everything for you. Even if you will do some technical blunder the utility can check your moves for a second and inform about the quality of the moves.
  11. ClubCA client for playing on ChessOk server is now fully compatible with Aquarium data directory concept. So you may use it in Aquarium 4.0.6.
  12. Advanced users have the access to Aquarium internal functions and may extend Aquarium functionality. Surely we don’t believe that everyone will do this, but many will be able to use the results of work of another technically advanced users.
  13. And finally all IDeA lovers will evaluate new fast incremental minimax implemented in IDeA. It is ten times faster than before.
Really there are many other important changes that make Aquarium usage more comfortable. These are the full packages for those who want to make fresh Aquarium 4.0.6 install (a proper Aquarium4 serial number is essential to install) complete Aquarium 4.0.6 setup with a single-processor Rybka omplete Aquarium 4.0.6 setup with Deep Rybka ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- The files that are connected with the release 1) The server for remote engines 2) Setup of Chess Assistant Club client for Aquarum. 3) Aquarium book adapter. Allows to use Aquarium books in any GUI linking AquariumBookAdapter.exe to the GUI instead of real engine. Contains * ABAGui.exe – allows to set AquariumBookAdapter parameters: mainly book name and engine name * AquariumBookAdapter.exe – UCI engine that should be linked to GUI. This version unlike previous ones is tuned to be placed into Aquarium program dir while AquariumBookAdapter.ini will be written to Aquarium data dir.

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