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Aquarium 3.1.0 Update 03 March 2009

Rybka 3 Aquarium logotypeAquarium 3.1.0 Update has been released just recently.

You can download it using ChessOK Downloader or from our site:
Full update from any version
Incremental update 3.0.8 to 3.1.0

The download size is 17 Mb.

For German version: after installing the update, delete the file <aquarium>\Aquarium.ger-rs-map.

We are also glad to announce the release of Aquarium Opening Book by Jeroen Noomen.

Read below what’s new in Aquarium 3.1.0 (also available in the Aquarium FAQ):

Major features

* New, more convenient, ‘Paint-like’ way of editing color markers in the game and in the tree.
* You can read Aquarium i-Books. Editing possibilities are limited, they’ll be enhanced in futher update. However, if you are not afraid of writing a Wiki-formatted text, you can edit/create new i-Books.
* You can run Game Analysis from the Sandbox.

Major bugfixes

* Fixed occasional header fields loss when pasting a game into the database game.
* ‘Remove before’ no longer cripples games that stared from non-initial positions.
* Randomizer match dialog is now displayed correctly.
* Engine evaluations are now printed correctly.

Minor features

* Added a popup menu for changing tree configuration in the Tree window header.
* Added possibility to view only main tree moves in a tree configuration.
* Smart Input is now ‘even smarter’: you can right-click (with left button pressed) to cycle through available moves.
* You can manually edit opening book play probability for each move in the tree configuration.
* You can set clocks during the game in Play mode (double-click the clocks).
* Allowed playing against Fritz via Auto232 network protocol (works OK on all our computers, but not tested much).
* Using Ctrl+move to exclude moves from infinite analysis now changes the analysis pane display.
* There is a clearer indication of which window has focus. Helps to determine whether we are browsing tree or notation.
* New feature: opponent move to limited depth. After reaching this depth the engine switches to normal analysis.
* Ribbon double-click minimization is more convenient now.
* Board sounds now active in the Sandbox and database game view.
* Export options dialog changed slightly to be more logical.
* Newly created database is added to the Recent list.
* When loading a EPD string, the leading and trailing spaces are now ignored.

Minor bugfixes

* Fixed memory leak issue in analysis chart.
* Display options dialog: checkbox for ‘Show board navigation’ is consistent with ‘Material imbalance’.
* Fixed occasional clearance of game header by Game Analysis.
* Improved hit detection when clicking on the game flag in the games list.
* Fixed tree window reappearing after it was hidden by the user.
* Selected cell in Games list is no longer made gray.
* Ctrl+move in Two clicks input mode now works as well. If it’s done during IA it excludes the move from the search, otherwise it adds a variation.
* Using Ctrl+move to exclude moves from infinite analysis works with Smart move too.
* Fixed occasional incorrect conversion of PGN NAGs to ‘Long after’ comments.
* Tree options dialog: advanced controls no longer peek out of the bottom of the window.
* Notation position change after switching to another application and back is partially fixed.
* ‘Insert deleted moves to clipboard’ option works now.
* Fixed smart move inability to drag the pointer from destination to the source square.
* Cursor is position correctly after ‘Delete variation’.
* Fixed occasional mouse pointer disappearance when editing the game header.
* Analysis pane is no longer cleared when the mate score is achieved.
* Engine match view now respects board cursor settings.
* IDEA display now respects board orientation.
* Game Analysis now respects ‘Show coordinates’ and ‘Show board navigation’ settings.
* Fixed diagram display in HTML export.
* Fixed absence of sampled search display after switching to Rybka 3 from another engine.
* Fixed small bugs in tree custom coloring.
* Finished Engine Competition date is no more reported as 30/12/1899.
* Fixed some issues in CTG book handling.

What’s next:

We are going to enhance the editing possibilities for Aquarium i-Books, so that you can easily write such books yourselves. This, and some more minor fixes and features, will make a 3.1.1 update. Then it’ll be time for another ‘large’ project.

Discussion and feedback

Thread on Rybka Forum

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