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CQL Queries in Chess Assistant

Buy Chess Assistant 10 Chess Query Language (CQL) was designed by Gady Costeff and Lewis Stiller to specifically search for games, problems and studies that match certain themes.
It is extremely powerful and CQL can find much more complex themes than traditional chess database systems.
The current version of Chess Assistant, as well as Rybka & Chess Openings 2009, offers all the power of CQL in an integrated environment and brings several advantages, including:
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Annotating Games with Chess Assistant 10

Buy Chess Assistant 10 Previous columns have dealt with using the chess engine to annotate games in Chess Assistant 10, but this month we’ll be focusing on the do-it-yourself variety.
When it comes to learning from your games, your own personal annotations are more important than an engines analysis. It forces you to think for yourself, instead of just accepting whatever the program suggests.
Once your analysis is complete, then you can compare it with the engines results to either verify your ideas or find those that you missed.
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Game analysis with Chess Assistant 10

Buy Chess Assistant 10 In the two previous columns we examined infinite analysis with Chess Assistant 10. Infinite analysis is a very useful tool, but it is best suited for analysis of a limited number of positions. One of the drawbacks of infinite analysis is that as soon as you want to examine more than one position it turns into a manual process where you have to make the decision when a position has been analyzed deeply enough and then manually move on to the next position and so on. For the improving player it is more efficient and useful to have all phases and every move of the game analyzed automatically. Each tournament game you play should be subjected to such analysis and stored for future reference after trying to learn as much as possible from the game and its analysis. Just remember that engine analysis is not a replacement for your own analysis. Always start by entering your own thoughts about the game and only then analyze it with Chess Assistant.
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Infinite Analysis with Chess Assistant 10

Buy Chess Assistant 10 Chess Assistant 10 is a fast and powerful chess database that is equipped with an array of tools to assist active and improving players.
This month I’ll look at some of the methods offered by Chess Assistant for infinite analysis and examine two of them in detail.
Many readers probably think of infinite analysis as pushing a button and watching a chess engine search for the best line of play, but as you will see Chess Assistant has taken this simple concept and turned it into a powerful tool for analyzing and understanding a position.
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Chess Assistant Objects

Buy Chess Assistant 10 Chess Assistant employs a browser pane to help the user work with his or her chess data.
This browser contains a number of things I will call “objects” each object represents a collection of chess data.
This short article will explain the differences between the various types of objects, and attempt to give a fairly simple explanation of what each type of object is used for.
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