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Order any two training programs in our online chess shop and get a third training program absolutely free. If your order is more than $120 / €100 Euro, you will get additional present.

New CT-ART 5.0 combines three excellent courses guiding you from beginner to advanced level.

Weekly Offers from ChessOK!

Our training software is now sorted by skill level with approximate ELO evaluation and the list of skills trained on each level. You can now easily pick the next course you need the most!

From April 29 to May 5, the following special offers are available. All offers stack!

Products of the Week: 40% off Products of the Week - all programs from the World Champions (download) section! 60% off both collections!

Special Offer 1: Buy Chess King Gold (DVD, download) or Chess King Silver (DVD, download) and receive access to Lomonosov Tablebases until February 1, 2017 for free!

Special Offer 2: Buy Chess Assistant 16 or Upgrade to Chess Assistant 16 and receive one-year membership in ChessOK Playing Zone!

Special Offer 3: Buy 3 World Champion courses (Anand + Kasparov + Fischer) at 50% off in our Combo Packages section! You can also find other 3-course packages there, available for half the price: Complete Chess Strategy (Chess Strategy 3.0 + Chess Guide for Club Players + Chess Guide for Intermediate Players), Complete Chess Opening (Opening Lab + Encyclopedia of Opening Blunders + How to Win Miniatures at Chess) and Complete Attack on the King (Attack on the King I + Attack on the King II + Advanced Defense)!

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Buy or Upgrade to CT-ART 6.0 with Peshka 2.0!

CT-ART 6.0, the latest instalment of the renowned chess training program, is now available in our shop! If you own CT-ART 5.0 purchased in our shop, you can UPGRADE it to CT-ART 6.0!

With 2 new courses for beginners, 200 new teaching examples in the core CT-ART course and updated Peshka 2.0 interface, CT-ART 6.0 is the ultimate tactics training tool that can take you from the very basic principles to advanced, GM-level combinations! For this new edition, the material has been computer checked and revised.

The courses come in updated Peshk@ 2.0 interface that now accepts and gives points for suboptimal but still winning moves and supports multiple interface languages.

Courses in CT-ART 6.0:

  • Level 1 - Chess Tactics for Beginners (ELO 200-1400; 1200+ puzzles)
  • Level 2 - Elementary Chess Combinations (ELO 1000-1400; 5000+ puzzles)
  • Level 3 - CT-ART for Beginners (ELO 1400-1600; 150 examples, 1500 puzzles)
  • Level 4 - CT-ART. Mating Combinations (ELO 1400 - 2000; 1200 ex., 700 p.)
  • Level 5 - Chess Tactics Art (ELO 1400 - 2400; 200 examples, 2200 puzzles)

Chess King LEARN!


The new Learn section on features several FREE training courses on various aspects of chess, sortable by level of difficulty and general direction.

The courses are available in several languages - check the language box to the left of the course list!

  • Chess Strategy (1800-2200)
  • Chess Middlegame II - V
  • Chess Tactics Art (1400-1600)
  • Chess Puzzles Advanced Defense
  • Attack on the King II. Mating in 3 or 4 Moves
  • Chess Tactics Art (1600-1800)
  • CT-ART. Mating Combinations
  • Total Chess Ending (1600-2400)
  • Attack on the King I. Mating in 2 Moves
  • Complete Chess Course (1000-1600 ELO)
  • Chess Opening Blunders
  • Chess: From Beginner To Club Player
  • Chess Tactics for Beginners
  • Mate in 1 move (Chess Puzzles)

Chess King Playing Zone


Play online in your browser on! Tournaments, clubs, customizable time controls, chess 960, head-to-head tournaments and full integration with the playerbase of ChessOK Playing Zone!

CT-ART 4 for Android!

CT-ART 4 is now available on Android - check it out on Google Play!

This excellent tactics course has been voted more than once by the chess experts as the best training program on chess tactics. CT-ART is an indispensable training tool for intermediate players sporting an advanced hint system - each position is accompanied with a similar one on a 5×5 board, demonstrating the main point of the example!

New Courses for Android!

Check out our new Android releases: Attack on the King I and Attack on the King II.

The courses explore mate in 2, 3 and 4 moves, and feature thousands of positions from actual games.

Free Game Service

Game Service: April, part 3. All updates are available on this page.

Chess Tactics for Club and Intermediate Players!

The download version of a new course on chess tactics, Chess Tactics for Club and Intermediate Players, has been released. Chess Tactics for Club and Intermediate Players contains 230 teaching examples introducing you to typical chess combinations and 350 new exercises designed to develop your playing skills and reinforce the knowledge acquired. Play Chess for real money at!
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Study chess online on Chess King Learn! Time-proven training courses, thousands of examples and exercises.

Start playing right now in your web browser on Chess King Playing Zone! Teams, tournaments, training, analysis and much more!

7-man Lomonosov Tablebases provide deeper-than-ever insight into chess endgame.

Download weekly chess database updates (containing 2000+ games) with latest tournaments and games in PGN and Chess Assistant format.

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