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New CT-ART 5.0 combines three excellent courses guiding you from beginner to advanced level.

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From April 18 to April 24, the following special offers are available on All offers stack!

Special Offer 1: Order any 2 programs in our web shop and get a 3rd program of your choice (within the price range of the first two) for free! If the two programs you are buying are Total Chess Training III (DVD or download) and Total Chess Training IV (DVD or download), you can choose to receive TWO fixed bonus programs instead of one: Total Chess Training I (download) and Total Chess Training II (download).

Special Offer 2: Buy any training program on Tactics (DVD, download), Strategy (DVD, download) or Endgame (download) and receive any single-course program from the Modern Chess Openings (download) section of our shop!

Special Offer 3: 20% off all products in Chess Endgame (download) section. The same discount also remains on all programs in the Modern Chess Opening (DVD, download) and Training Packages (DVD, download) sections.

Special Offer 4: Buy Houdini 4 Aquarium, Houdini 4 PRO Aquarium, ChessOK Aquarium 2014 or any version of Chess Assistant 14 (including upgrade versions) and get online access to Lomonosov Tablebases until February 11, 2015 on; you can also choose any program within $25/20 Euro range for free as a bonus!

Special Offer 5: If you order products for more than $120/€100, choose one download programs for up to $25/€20 each as a bonus!

Special Offer 6: If you own ChessOK Aquarium 2012, buy ChessOK Aquarium 2014 and receive Chess Openings Encyclopedia 2014 (download) as a bonus! Put your Aquarium 2012 serial number in the comments field.

Note: Specify the bonus product(s) you want to receive in the comments field when filling the order form.

Chess Tactics in Scandinavian Defense Released!

Another course for our Chess Tactics in the Opening series is released! Meet Chess Tactics in Scandinavian Defense.

Scandinavian Defense is a daring opening for those who fight for initiative from the very first moves. Many strong chess players used it as Black, including the world championship match between Anand and Kasparov in 1995.

The course presents a deep theoretical and practical overview of the actual variations. More than 260 new exercises!

In addition to this, our Chess Tactics in the Opening pack is now updated to 10 courses. You can buy all the courses of this series for almost half the price!

Chess Tactics in Benko (Volga) Gambit Released!

A brand new course, Chess Tactics in Benko Gambit (also known as Volga gambit) has been released both on DVD and for download! This course is aimed at club and intermediate players (thus gaining 25% off for this week’s special deal) and presents the theory and playing hooks in the most sharp and deciding variations of the Benko gambit.

The course presents a deep theoretical and practical overview of the actual variations. More than 170 new exercises provide a great opportunity to reinforce your knowledge.

Lomonosov Tablebases Online Access

Online access to Lomonosov Tablebases is open! Visit the service now or learn more about Lomonosov Tablebases.

For now only owners of Chess Assistant 14, Houdini 4 Aquarium and ChessOK Aquarium 2014 can use the service.

Users of ChessOK Aquarium 2014, Houdini 4 Aquarium and Houdini 4 PRO Aquarium can also access the tablebases directly from the Aquarium interface.

Aquarium 2014 Update

To all ChessOK Aquarium 2014, Houdini 4 Aquarium and Houdini 4 PRO Aquarium users: an update for all products using the Aquarium 2014 interface has been released. New customers buying the download versions of these products do not need this update as it is already included.

The update adds an option to import IDeA projects and trees from the old format (.hsh) to the new one (.aqt). Fixes a number of critical bugs. Updating is strongly recommended.

To update your Aquarium software, download the file for your version (64-bit or 32-bit) from the Updates and Patches section and run it, then follow the instructions.

Chess King 4 Deep Available!

Chess King 4 Deep and Chess King 4 Deep Pro are released and avaliable in our shop, sporting the latest state of art Houdini 4 engine and other new features! And older versions are now more affordable than ever!

Chess King 4 Deep Pro is an ideal introduction for the beginner, a challenging opponent for the practiced amateur, and an invaluable coach for the aspiring master.

Chess King emphasizes simplicity of use in training players. However, it is more than just a traditional training program as it includes an extremely strong chess engine and a huge professional database. It is also a convenient tool for analyzing and studying one’s opponent before facing them at a tournament.

New Software with Houdini 4 and Aquarium 2014 Released!

New programs with Houdini 4 and the new 64-bit optimized Aquarium 2014 interface are available for download, and the Chess Assistant 14 products are already available on DVD as well!

All programs support English, German, Spanish and French.

Not sure which of the program is better for you? Check the comparison table we made to help you choose the best product for your needs.

Free Game Service

Game Service: April, part 1. All updates are available on this page.

7-man Lomonosov Tablebases provide deeper-than-ever insight into chess endgame.

Download weekly chess database updates (containing 2000+ games) with latest tournaments and games in PGN and Chess Assistant format.

Study chess online on our new dedicated website. There are many training courses and thousands of chess puzzles to solve.

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