Houdini Aquarium 2015 & Houdini PRO Aquarium 2015
Houdini Aquarium 2015 is a new powerful analysis, database and chess publishing tool, powered by the world's strongest chess engine Houdini 4 and 7-piece Lomonosov Tablebases.

Houdini Aquarium 2015 — $65.95 / €52.7
Houdini PRO Aquarium 2015 supports up to 32 cores and 32 GB of hash — $94.95 / €75.95

6 World Champions Collection! Save up to 50% with ChessOK

A new collection, 6 World Champions, has been released both on DVD and for download! The collection follows and explores 6 World Chess Champions: Emanuel Lasker, Jose Raul Capablanca, Alexander Alekhine, Mikhail Botvinnik, Mikhail Tal and Boris Spassky.

In 2015, ChessOK.com introduces Products of the Week sales, going up to 50%. Follow us for massive discounts!

From March 27 to April 2, the following special offers are available. All offers stack!

Products of the Week: 50% off 10 Products of the Week: 6 World Champions (DVD, download), all volumes of Encyclopedia of Middlegame (download) and 2 books: Theory and Practice of Chess Endings, vol. 1 and 2.

Special Offer 1: Buy Chess Assistant 15, Chess Assistant 15 PRO or Upgrade to Chess Assistant 15 from Chess Assistant 14 and receive three bonuses: Premium Game Service 2014-2015 (3000 new games weekly), online access to 7-man Lomonosov Tablebases until the end of 2015, and one-year membership in ChessOK Playing Zone!

Special Offer 2: Buy 3 World Champion courses (Anand + Kasparov + Fischer) at 50% off in our Combo Packages section! You can also find other 3-course packages there, available for half the price: Complete Chess Strategy (Chess Strategy 3.0 + Chess Guide for Club Players + Chess Guide for Intermediate Players), Complete Chess Opening (Opening Lab + Encyclopedia of Opening Blunders + How to Win Miniatures at Chess) and Complete Attack on the King (Attack on the King I + Attack on the King II + Advanced Defense)!

Special Offer 3: 20% off all products in the Beginners (DVD, download), Club Players (DVD, download), Intermediate Players (DVD, download), Modern Chess Opening (DVD, download) and Training Packages (DVD) sections.

Special Offer 4: If you order products for more than $120/€100, choose one download programs for up to $25/€20 each as a bonus!

Special Offer 5: Order any 2 programs in our web shop and get a 3rd program of your choice (within the price range of the first two) for free!

Note: Specify the bonus product(s) you want to receive in the comments field when filling the order form.

4 World Chess Champions

A new course package about the 4 most recent World Champions (Fischer, Kasparov, Anand, Carlsen) is available for the price of 2 courses.

The package includes over 7 500 games, more than 1000 of them with commentaries. Each course in teh package includes hudnred exercises Play like the GM and Play against the GM exercises.

Chess Assistant 15 and Aquarium 2015 Released!

Chess Assistant 15 has been released and is available in our shop! This strong database management, playing and analysis tool includes Houdini 4, massive databases, a chess opening encyclopedia, 7-man Lomonosov tablebases and more!
If you own any version of Chess Assitant 14, upgrading to the latest version will be much cheaper, as you already have Houdini 4.

ChessOK Aquarium 2015, Houdini Aquarium 2015 and Houdini PRO Aquarium 2015 are also available for purchase. The updated Aquarium 2015 interface has improved performance and can automatically find chess programs (including the strong Stockfish engine) on the Internet, download and install them - all in a couple of clicks.
If you already own Houdini 4 Aquarium or Houdini 4 PRO Aquarium, you can use ChessOK Aquarium 2015 to upgrade it to Houdini Aquarium 2015 or Houdini PRO Aquarium 2015 respectively.

Chess King 4 for Mac!

The revolutionary Chess King 4 with Houdini 4 software is now available for Mac, offering Mac users the strongest chess engine and rich training options in a friendly shell!

Chess King 4 Deep Pro is a new and versatile tool for chess players and is an ideal introduction for the beginner, a challenging opponent for the practiced amateur, and an invaluable coach for the aspiring master.

Video Introduction to CT-ART 5.0

A short video introduction to our recently released product CT-ART 5.0 Complete Chess Tactics (DVD, download) is now available on its page in our shop.

The video introduces the courses included in the package and shows the features of the Peshk@ interface.

More videos are coming soon!

Free Game Service

Game Service: February, part 4. All updates are available on this page.

Chess Assistant Standard Released!

Chess Assistant Standard has been released!

If you only need an affordable yet robust database management tool for club and intermediate players, Chess Assistant Standard is your program of choice! Comes with integrated Chess Opening Encyclopedia 2014 and more than 6 million games.

This version does not include Houdini 4, Premium Game Service 2014 and Lomonosov Tablebases access, but has everything else Chess Assistant has to offer.

Check the comparison table to find the perfect software for your needs.

Chess Tactics for Club and Intermediate Players!

The download version of a new course on chess tactics, Chess Tactics for Club and Intermediate Players, has been released. Chess Tactics for Club and Intermediate Players contains 230 teaching examples introducing you to typical chess combinations and 350 new exercises designed to develop your playing skills and reinforce the knowledge acquired. If you enjoy playing other games in your pastime, try going to www.piramind.com for a wide range of games. You can play chess on Android at some of the sites listed here.
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7-man Lomonosov Tablebases provide deeper-than-ever insight into chess endgame.

Download weekly chess database updates (containing 2000+ games) with latest tournaments and games in PGN and Chess Assistant format.

Study chess online on our new dedicated website. There are many training courses and thousands of chess puzzles to solve.

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