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Using the Opening CDs, Part B
keywords: Transpositions, Tree, Opening, Study

In part A of this article, I looked at some search techniques that could be used to facilitate opening study with Convekta's opening CDs. Now I'm going to take a look at how available theory is accessed and displayed within the program.

I have to apologize for the length of time between part A and B of this set. My work and home life have taken time and energy away from chess (imagine that!).


Using the Opening CDs, Part A
keywords: Opening, King's Indian, KID, Search

It can sometimes be difficult to understand why particular opening moves are played. This article examines some useful techniques that you can use to find plans, or motivations for particular moves. Several examples from Convekta's King's Indian Defense opening CD are used to illustrate these techniques.

Chess Assistant users may also get something out of this article, so give it a read.


Beginner's common questions
keywords: copy, drag, delete, PGN, EPD, Chessbase, beginner

This article covers some common database operations, like copying games, exporting to PGN format and the like.  ...more

We were gone, now we're back
keywords: website

There was a slight problem with the hosting of ChessAssistance. ChessOk has agreed to host the site on their servers so that this free resource could continue to be available for ChessAssistant users. Happy holidays everyone!  ...more

Special upgrade offers for Rybka
keywords: rybka, upgrade, database

ChessOK is now offering a number of upgrade and purchase options for the new Rybka 3.0 and Chess Assistant 10.0. You can find more info on these offers here. You may also want to check out some of the Rybka information (tutorials, interviews and the like) here...more

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