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Spassky CD Review
keywords: Spassky, collection, review, world, annotated
Robert Pawlak
Saturday, May 21, 2005

[Spassky playing Tal]Your view of Boris Spassky will be colored by the side of the globe you live on. However, one thing should be kept in mind: This man is a former world champion, who's chameleon-like style has left him with an even score against Kasparov, and impressive victories against a whole host of strong players.

This game collection is in the form of a single database containing 2526 games, and 50 historical photos (for an example, look right). The games on the CD have been annotated by a number of Grandmaster, primary of which is probably GM Alexander Khalifman. I would estimate that approximately 50% of the games have substantive annotations (where warranted - not every game requires this treatment), with the World Championship matches receiving the most thorough treatment. Convekta quotes 1965 games as having short annotations, and 400 games and positions containing thorough annotations.

The game collection is accessed via a classifier structure, which is a book-like format that allows quick access to the material. For example, if you want to check out the infamous 1972 World Championship match, you can click on the folder labeled "1972", and then the folder labeled "Ch World (match) - Reykjavik (Iceland)". Click in a game, and you'll see something like the screenshot below, which also gives you a feeling for the level of detail in the game comments:

[game from 1972 world ch]

Owners of previous Convekta game collections should note that the included quiz positions use Chess Assistant 8's new test position capability, instead of the older system normally used by Convekta's other teaching CDs. Another thing that is given up is the "rate my play" feature of previous great player CDs. Personally speaking, I prefer the 'old' testing function, but that is neither here nor there. The classifier shown below is used to access the test positions, if you take a look at the screenshot, you can see which areas are covered.

[exercise classifier]

My honest opinion is that this CD is not up to the quality of say Convekta's Capablanca or Botvinnik CDs, which I view as a must haves. I also think that the new test function is not as good as the old one, but people buying the CD for game collection should not be concerned about this aspect.


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