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Superfinal 2004 Coverage and Free Commented Games
keywords: Superfinal, 2004, free, commented, games
Robert Pawlak
Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Convekta has live coverage of the Superfinal tournament currently being played in Moscow. You can find instructions on how to watch, along with free commented PGN and html format games here.

Kasparov, Morozevich, Svidler, Grischuk, Bareev, Dreev, Motylev, Timofeev, Epishin, Korotylev and Tseshkovky are all playing. A real time relay of the games commented by GM Irina Mikhailova and IM Alexey Mitenkov will take place on the ChessAssistant server. Each round starts at 8:00 AM New York time / 1:00 PM London time, round duration is 7 hours.

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