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Pocket Chess Endings and Middlegames Review
keywords: PocketPC, Middlegames, Endgames, Tutorial, Test, Training
Robert Pawlak
Sunday, December 11, 2005

With the addition of these two programs, Convekta's covered just about every major area in chess praxis. These tutorials, which are available separately from ChessOK use the same teaching material as their bigger PC brethren. As I mentioned in my review of CT-ART for the PocketPC, the graphical user interface for these programs was written especially for the PocketPC platform. It should thus come as no surprise that I think highly of the interface.

It should be noted that there are two features which are not really supported by the PocketPC versions of Convekta PC software. The first is play against a chess engine from typical positions (however, this feature may be supported at a future date). The other is ELO estimation. While it's true that detailed statistics are available on each training topic, an overall performance metric across all topics is not supported.

Pocket Chess Endings

This program mirrors the content in Convekta's program for the PC called 'Theory and Practice of Chess Endings, which is reviewed here. As I described in the aforementioned review, this program is probably best suited for the intermediate player, who values plain text explanation in addition to a large number of teaching and test examples. Rather than repeat all the material in that article, I'll simply leave you with some screenshots. 

[endings covered]

The endings covered on the CD 

[opposite bishops]

Detail of opposite colored bishops topic

[bishops example]

Constructing a fortress

[example showing knight ending stastics]

Example of available result statistics

The text that this CD is based on is very highly regarded in Russia, and it has made the transition to the PocketPC format very well. The CD includes 700 training examples and 300 test examples. English and Spanish are supported. Printed manual is included.

Pocket Encyclopedia of Middlegame

The PC version of this program is called Middlegames 1.0, which was first reviewed for the PC here. I have not checked every example in the PocketPC version, but I think the material is pretty much the same. So anything I said about the PC version pretty much applies to this program as well.

[openings covered]

Openings covered by the program 

[pawn structures covered]

Pawn structures discussed


Example from ...f5 plan in the Sicilian

[tal example 2]

The rest of the text for previous example

The program includes 600 instructive examples (read : examples with plain text explanation of typical plans and pitfalls), as well as 1000 test exercises. English, German, French, Spanish and Italian are supported. Printed manual is included.

Important Note: Convekta is now offering their PocketPC programs for instant purchase and download.

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