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Pocket Chess Combinations and Pocket Encyclopedia of Opening Blunders
keywords: Opening, Tactics, Blunders, Combination, Middlegame, PocketPC
Robert Pawlak
Saturday, March 03, 2007

Like all of Convekta's previous PocketPC offerings, these latest programs are versions of Convekta's well-known PC tutorials. I've reviewed both PC programs before: You can find a review of the Encyclopedia of Opening Blunders at my old site (click on reviews, then tutorial). The PocketPC version is nearly identical to the desktop version, right down to the animation of piece movements before the test position arises on the board (IMO, a nice touch for opening tests).

Pocket Chess Combinations is actually a version of "Chess Tactics for Intermediate Players", you can find a review of this program here.

As with previous PocketPC incarnations, there is no support for playing positions against an engine.

Each program occupies about 2.25 MB on your PocketPC. I would suggest you verify compatibility with the particular version of Microsoft's PocketPC OS that you are running. All my testing was done using Windows Mobile 2003.

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