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Robert Pawlak
Sunday, April 20, 2003

CA 7 owners should take note. Convekta has released an update for CA 7.0/7.1. After the update, you will be running CA 7.1, build 722. In this latest build, there are new options for DHTML export and the new automatic update feature (pretty cool!).

If you like to publish your games on the web, this free update is highly recommended. Other minor fixes are present as well.

Make sure you also check out the new endgame classifier, and Openings 2003 data (both in Add-ons area of download section). Convekta is giving this data away for free to owners of CA 7! The endgame classifer allows for very quick searches of endgame positions, while the openings data gives you the latest theoretical data.

You can find the update file in the downloads section of the site. Make sure you follow the installation instructions! In the downloads section, you will also find an MS-Word file containing instructions for using the new auto-update feature. Also note that you can get demos for many Convekta releases in this section as well.

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