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New opening table tutorial videos and Chessplanet help files
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Last updated
Saturday, February 26, 2005

If you've purchased Chess Assistant 8, or are just thinking about it, there is a new demonstration of the opening tables feature on this page. I highly recommend this video, since it really does a good job of describing how to use the new opening tables mode in CA 8. To install and view offline, extract both files to a common directory, and double-click on the file called OpTaEn1.htm to view part 1 (note: if viewing online, the tutorial will simply open in a new browser window). Part 2 can be viewed by double clicking on OpTaEn4.htm. Note that there are a whole host of other flash tutorials at the Convekta site as well.

There is also a new English help file for Chessplanet, which you can find here. To install the file, just unzip the archive, and copy the files to your chessplanet directory. For CA 8 users, this is usually C:\Program Files\Chess Assistant 8\InternetClub. This new help file is almost ten times the size of the old one, and contains quite a bit more detail.

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