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ICC support is back in Chess Assistant 8!
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Robert Pawlak
Friday, December 10, 2004

Apparently the letters to both ICC and Convekta had some effect. Convekta has added ICC support back into Chess Assistant (CA) 8! This feature was included in CA 7, but due to licensing issues, did not make it into the latest version of CA. Now CA 8 supports two great servers - Chess Planet and the Internet Chess Club.

There are several updates available for version 7 and 8 users. First off is a patch for CA 8 that supports ICC. There is also a build 801 update for CA 8 (with ChessPlanet) as well. Chess Assistant 7 users can download build 732 for CA 7. Downloads are available at this location.

CA 8 users that want ICC support should download both updates. If you only use Chessplanet, then you only need the 801 update.

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