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Chess Assistant 8 now shipping!!!
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Robert Pawlak
Friday, November 05, 2004

People have been talking about it for a while, and it appears as though it is finally here. Convekta has all the details for you on their site. Some of the highlights include the Tiger 2004 engine, new search capabilities and  a new opening tables viewing mode. The latter is good for distilling the large amount of chess tree data that Chess Assistant provides.

I have been told that pressed CDs and DVDs will be arriving from the factory next week. Delays may always occur, but I have every reason to believe that the above estimate holds true. A review of Chess Assistant 8 is forthcoming over the next few weeks.

Here is some more info:

Chess Assistant 8.0 comes in two packages that differ in their volume and possibilities they offer to user – starter pack and mega pack.

Feature Starter                 Mega Pack
Chess Assistant 8.0
Program files and folders - 91 Mb X X
Direct tree - 480 Mb X X
Demo versions and folders X X
Chess Assistant 8.0 database
with 2675000 games (October 1, 2004)
Chess Assistant 8.0 Media
Video Help - 99 Mb X X
GURU database with Players
encyclopedia and photographs - over 328 Mb     
Abridged CAP - 122 Mb X  
A correspondence games database
with pre-built tree - 108 Mb
Full CAP data - 451 Mb   X
DVD with Nalimov Endgame
Tablebases (all 3-4-5 pieces)

Visit ChessOK for more details and pricing information!


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