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CA 7 Patch installation instructions. PLEASE READ!
keywords: CA 7.1, patch, update
Robert Pawlak
Monday, January 27, 2003

NOTE: These instructions are valid for bulds up to 718 only. Build 719 and later have a NEW patch installation procedure which supercedes this one. Please read this document for more guidance.

Taken from the Convekta website:

  1. Run the patch executable that is designed for you version of windows.
  2. Extract ALL the files into the directory where CA 7 is installed (default is c:\program files\Chess Assistant 7)
  3. Insert the CA7.0 CD into the CD-ROM.
  4. Run the ca7patch.exe file so that a window opens.
  5. Indicate a letter corresponding to the CD-ROM on your computer, enter your serial number and press Update!
  6. As soon as the process which usually takes approximately a minute is over, you will be able to run Chess Assistant 7.0.

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