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Arena - The home of Arena, a free, winboard compatible playing interface.

Bill Wall's Chess Page - A real potpourri of chess information!

Bruno's Chess Problem Of The Day - Free chess problem each day with a java viewer. Also has archive section. - Professional chess training, chess skills evaluations and improvement guides, chess software, free downloads and much more....

Chessville - Chess related instruction and advice, a huge and clearly-organized collection of chess-related web links, downloads, reviews, trivia and history, a discussion forum, an online chess league, and more...

Chess Cafe - A great site with many reviews and informative columns.

ChessExplorer - A program for solving chess problems (mate, selfmate, helpmate) with other options.

Chessopolis - A very comprehensive selection of chess links.

ChessUSA - America's Largest Chess Store - chess sets and software. Sponsors of CCC. - A Chess portal with a good selection of links, kept up to date.

Chess Weekly - Convekta's website with weekly chess news, analysis, and combinations.

Computer Chess News - Steve Maughan's site with all the latest news on your favorite software.

Convekta - The home of Chess Assistant, sponsors of this site, and producers of thebest chess software available.

CQL Composite Search Article and CQL Query Organization within Chess Assistant, by Dadi Jonsson - An interesting concept in software development, and a neat collection of free utilities. Site also has reviews and software discounts. - GM Khalifman and the St Petersburg chess school. Interesting tutorials and analysis services.

Internet service in the Northern Neck of VA - My personal experiences with internet service in the Northern Neck.

IM Jovan Petronic - Jovan is a chess coach, computer chess aficionado, and Chess Assistant fan. Be sure to check out his page. He also has some reviews which can be found here.

PGN Utlities Page - Go here for your PGN-related needs.

Pocket Grandmaster - The home of the best Pocket PC chess program you can get.

Russian Chess - Tournament news and hard to find books from Russia. Home of the Shahcom board. - Online Correspondence Chess Club

Shredder Chess  - The home of the Shredder Chess engine (compatible with Chess Assistant) and GUI. Has a freely downloadable demo of Shredder. Also has information on the UCI protocol as well.

The Chess Portal - A comprehensive selection of well-described links, plus a message board. -Home of the United States Chess Federation, check out the online shop and tournament info. - Chess news and analysis, not to be missed!

Jeroen Van Dorp - Jeroen has a short article on using CT-ART for tactical improvement.


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