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Step-by-step Shredder 9 engine installation
keywords: Shredder, UCI, install
Robert Pawlak
Friday, February 18, 2005
Shredder 9 is available directly from the author in both single and multiprocessor versions. You can download a trial version, and purchase the full version at the ShredderChess website.

Shredder 9 is arguably the strongest commercial chess engine, and it can easily be used within Chess Assistant. From there, you can use it to play against, or analyze games using Chess Assistant's myriad analysis functions. This article will provide  a step-by-step tutorial guide to the installation process.

First, select the "Engines setup" entry in the "Tools" menu.

[setup menu]

In the dialog that comes up, you'll want to hit the "Add" button:


Then, the chess engines parameter dialog will appear. Make sure you type in "Shredder 9 UCI" in the space highlighted in red below. Also make sure that "Universal Chess Interface" is displayed below that. Next, you can modify the hash table size (also highlighted in red below), using the spin control to the right of the hash table size. Next, click on the small dots to set the path to the engine (see location of arrow below).

[engine parameters]

Then a normal Windows "Open" dialog should pop up. You'll need to navigate to the location where you installed Shredder 9. Usually this is in "C:\Program Files\ShredderChess\Shredder 9 UCI". Make sure you select the file called "EngineShredder9UCI.exe". Then click on the "Open" button.

[open dialog]

This will take you back to the engine parameters dialog, and you should click "OK".

[nearly done]

After that, you'll be back almost to where you started (see below). You've now got the engine installed. If you want to modify engine parameters, you'd simply select the engine (click on it in the list - you may have to scroll to see Shredder 9), and click the personalities button. You'll then see a whole bunch of parameters you can tweak.




Anyway, just hit the "OK" button in the "Engines setup" dialog, and you're done with the installation (easy!). If you want to start the engine while analyzing a game, simply hit ctrl-space. You'll then be presented with a dialog like the one below. Select "Shredder 9 UCI" from the drop down box, then click "OK" and the engine will start below the board window.

[select engine]

[analysis display]

And that's it!

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