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X3d Fritz vs. Kasparov Computer Analysis
keywords: chess assistant, Kasparov, Fritz, Analysis
Robert Pawlak
Tuesday, November 18, 2003

To see the evaluations stored in this chess tree, you need to change the default tree that is used to show engine analysis. You can do this by following this procedure:

1) Copy kf.hsh, kf.elm files to a convenient directory. In this instance, I have extracted the files to c:\x3dvsk. You might also want to extract the games there as well. The tree files can be downloaded here.

2) Open any Kasparov-Fritz game in CA.

3) Press Shift-Ctrl-F7. The tree setup dialog will appear.

4) Click on the down arrow in the scrollbar to see the entry labeled "Engine's".

5) Double-click in the worksheet/table, just to the right of the entry called "Engine's" and provide the path to kf.hsh (in my case it would be c:\x3dvsk).

6) Click Ok.

7) When you open one of the Kasparov - Fritz games, you will see the computer evaluation of every move in the tree panel. The computer evaluations will be shown in the "Compute" column in the tree display below the game moves (you may have to expand the width of this window to see that column).

[example view]

Here are a few moves that are pointed out by the computer analysis. You might want to take a quick look at them:

Game 1

Fritz : 12...Nxf2? doesn't look good.

Kasparov:  27. h4, 30. b3, 32. Rd2 look interesting, but it doesn't seem like these moves tip the scales in white's favor.

Game 2

Kasparov had a couple of alternatives:

31...Qh7! with pawn advantage in evaluation

32...Rg7?? is blunder

But possibly there were chances to hold this position against the computer. After 34...Nd4 the game appears to be lost.

Game 3

Computers don't understand this game very well. So don't look to the tree for any insights.

Game 4

Looks like a dead draw after the opening

1/2-1/2, Dorfman Josif D 2599 - Kharlov Andrei 2656 , France 2001 Ch France (team) 2001 is slightly better, but still a draw. This game is in hugebase.


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