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The player's encyclopedia in Chess Assistant 7/8
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Robert Pawlak
Friday, October 24, 2003

I've heard from quite a few Chess Assistant (CA) users that were unaware that CA had a player's encyclopedia. The encyclopedia offers a way to see the ELO history of a particular player, as well as a list of tournaments that he or she has played in. Furthermore, it is all presented under a very simple and easy to use interface.

The player's encyclopedia is accessible from the so-called "guru" database that ships with CA 7/8. If you chose the default installation options, it should have been copied to your hard drive, in the ...\bases\ subdirectory. If you don't have the guru base in your bases subdirectory, you can just install it from the CD, by using the custom installation option.

guru base

Assuming that you've got the guru base on your hard drive, you simply open it from the bases menu (see above). It will take a while to open, since it uses a very large classifier structure for accessing the games in the database. This is why CA is not pre-configured to open the guru base when it is first installed. Now, you should see something like the screen below:

Simply type the name of the player you are interested in and hit return, as I have done with Alexi Shirov (incidentally - Chess Assistant 8 includes photos of Shirov as well). You will notice that his name is now highlighted on the right hand side of the screen. By clicking on the entries labeled "ELO" and "Years and tournaments", you will see the following displays, which are quite self explanatory:

shirov elo

When the tournament information is displayed, you can highlight one, or a number of tournaments, and then open then by clicking on the "Open list" button (highlighted on the screen shot above).

That's all there is to it!

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