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Updated! Chess Assistant 7 patch installation step-by-step
keywords: chess assistant 7, patch, install, troubleshooting
Robert Pawlak
Sunday, April 06, 2003
There are a couple of areas were it is easy to go wrong with the patch installation. One is failing to extract the patch files to the proper directory. Another is having two CA directories, and extracting or running the patch in the wrong one.

CA patches for build 719 and later have a new patch procedure. Make sure you read these instructions.

Experienced computer users will sometimes simply run the CA 7 patch without reading the instructions. The result is usually a failed update (I know, I've done it too). So without further delay, here are the instructions for the latest patch. This patch does not require that you insert the CD, or enter a license number to update your copy.

First, close Chess Assistant (CA), if it is running. Then double-click on the file you downloaded. In this case, it is called patch71.exe.

Note: Alert reader Robert Ericsson of Sweden has pointed out that there is a bug in the build 719 patch, which is corrected in build 720. If you are installing build 719, you first need to delete the file ca7patch.exe from your Chess Assistant directory, before extracting the build 719 patch. The rest of the instructions for this article should then be accurate.

A WinRar window will then open, asking you for a place to extract the patch archive. It is very important that you extract these files into the directory that contains CA 7, or CA 7.1 (whichever version you are currently running). In the diagram below, I am extracting the patch files into c:\program files\chess assistant 7.1. If the patch extraction window does not show the proper path to CA, then you need to change it by clicking on the "Browse" button.


After you've extracted the files into you CA directory, navigate to that directory via Windows explorer:


Then double click on ca7patch - the dialog box shown below should open. If you don't see this dialog box, but see a box that has space for a CDROM path and serial number, then you are not in the directory that you extracted the files to! Either navigate to the proper directory, or extract the patch files into the proper location.


Once again, check to make sure that the correct CA directory is shown in the path edit box(highlighted). If it isn't, then correct it by clicking on the small folder button to the right of the path. Then click on the "Update" button.

Then start CA. If you should get an Error 501, then I would suggest reinstalling the CA executable off the CD, and trying the above procedure again. Before you run ca7patch again, run CA, just to make sure that the install went correctly. Make sure you close CA before you perform the patch procedure. If you still get the error, then it is time to e-mail Convekta support.

Ok, let's assume that everything went ok up to this point. You can check to see if the update installed, but going to the help menu, and clicking on "About". You should see the following dialog box, showing the CA version in the upper right hand corner. As of this writing, the latest public release is version 720.



If you should see a previous version, then it probably means you made a mistake in the procedure somewhere.


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