If you have a problem with running software at your PC

For those clients who have encountered with problems during running chess software produced by Convekta Ltd at Windows Vista PCs, was created a bat-file which helps to tune up the system

Please read the following instructions attentively.

•  Download, unzip and save the bat-file

•  Log on at the computer as Administrator (for this time only)

•  Run saved file as Administrator (right click on the file icon)


•  Make sure that the operation completed successfully

•  Restart the computer

•  Log in as usual and run the software

If the program still does not start then Run it as administrator.

If the bat-file can not be applied (Operation failed), then you can perform following actions manually to make programs work.

Go to: Start -> Control Panel -> User Accounts
Find Turn User Account Control on or off
Turn off Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer
Press Ok

Reboot if required.