Chess – a game, a sport, a Lifestyle

Are you a fan of board games? Are you familiar with one of the oldest board games of all times? Thousands of years ago, a new board game was invented in India or China, and the fact that people still find it fascinating is a testament to how entertaining the game is. Even though chess doesn’t get as much media coverage as football, basketball, or even casino games, the game still has enough fans to become a subject of conversation over dinner. There are various tournaments, dozens of chess apps, and new variations of the game that can keep the expert players interested for a long while. Fans of the game often love to discuss the status of the game, which brings up a lot of tough questions: is chess considered a sport? Can you combine chess with classic gambling, just like playing pokies online? And why is it so hard to answer those questions? To try and clear up the confusion, we will try to address those questions and help you figure out where this complex board game stands.

Chess as a Sport

The debate regarding the status of chess as a sport started years ago, and it still didn’t reach a conclusion. The definition of sports in the dictionary states: “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment”. Some people say that chess won’t ever answer all the criteria that are required to consider an activity a sport, while others disagree with this notion. After all, chess requires skill, and it always includes a competition of some sort. The only part that’s missing is the physical exertion, but some players claim that the game requires a lot of stamina and it should count as physical exertion in this case. Some tried to get chess into the 2020 Olympic games, but the international Olympic committee (or IOC in short) decided that it is not going to happen just yet, even though the committee recognizes the game as a sport.

Chess and Gambling

Another question that bothers chess fans and players: is playing chess for money considered gambling or not? Chess is based on skill and knowledge, unlike the regular casino games that rely on luck more than anything else. In most countries, that means that playing chess for money is not considered as gambling, as the definition of gambling includes three criteria: the winner has to get a prize, the players must play a fee to compete, and the outcome has to be determined by chance. As the third rule does not apply to chess, playing chess for money is legal in most countries around the globe.

In Conclusion

Chess is one of the most complex games you can find out there, so if you are fond of challenges, you should try playing chess online. You can increase the thrill even further by combining chess with gambling, which is an exhilarating combo you won’t be able to forget. In recent years, online gambling venues began to release more skill-based pokies and casino games which can only serve to increase your chances of winning, so if you are interested in this kind of activity, an exciting adventure awaits you online!