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Welcome to ChessOK Playing Zone!

Our service joins thousands of chess players to play ans study chess online.


With our Playing Zone you can:


Play with customizable time controls, including freestyle. Pick a suitable opponent by filtering the challenge list according to playing strength, game time or to whether the game is a friendly or a rated one;

Participate in prize tournaments for free. There are regular one-player, team and mixed one-player+team tournaments. You can create a team and participate in team tournaments. Check out the Daily Prize Tournaments;

Follow free online broadcasts of super tournaments and best matches;

Use online game database and computer analysis;

Organize or take training courses;

Participate in community discussions of the latest news;

Buy one-year Membership at ChessOK Playing Zone (log in using your Playing Zone username), and gain unlimited access to tournaments!

Buy one of our Aquarium 2012 products and gain one-year membership for free! The Aquarium software a convenient tool for storing and further analyzing your games played in ChessOK Playing Zone.

New! Use our new clients for iOS and Android OS to play wherever you want!


We provide online technical support and refereeing, including our unique Anti-Computer Control system.

Unlimited free access to tournaments for all players is provided on Wednesday and Sunday. On other days, tournaments are only available to paid members.


Follow this link to learn more.