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ChessOK.com » Does our personality determine the Type of games we play?

Does our personality determine the Type of games we play?

We will use the Myers-Briggs cognitive learning style to find out whether our personalities influence the games we play. This particular test is geared towards accessing how individuals interact with the outside world.

There are four factors worth considering: Sensing/intuition, Extraversion/introversion, Judging/perceiving, and thinking/feeling. This blog will find out whether there is a connection between cognitive personality and different personality types in relation to the ease or difficulty of a game.

The connection between the different game types and cognitive learning styles

  • Extraversion/preferred Interaction Style
  • If you have extrovert qualities, you are more likely to learn by conversing and communicating with others. In other words, you’re a social individual who enjoys interacting with others. In-person table games like Poker, Blackjack, and roulette, which require constant human connection, would be a good fit for you.

    On the other hand, introversion is a personality trait that is characterized by Introverted people who prefer solitude that other peoples company. Introverts will therefore enjoy online gaming because it provides them with the virtual environment to try conquering on their own.

  • Sensing/ Attentional Focus
  • The Sensing personality types enjoy sequence, structure, and format, so they are naturally drawn to games with these components, such as multi-leveled card games that combine luck and skill which follow a strict pattern. A game like Texas Hold’Em Poker, for example, is more likely to reward skilled players and isn’t based only on pure luck.

    When it comes to making decisions, intuitive types like taking a chance and going with their instincts. They enjoy games that demand time and knowledge of when to place large bets for the highest return. Intuitive people are more likely to play games like Blackjack or slots, which rely on luck rather than ability. They enjoy acting on a hunch and betting on a gut instinct or a hint from the universe.

    Thinking/Decision Making

    Thinking people are more likely to base their conclusions on reasoning and facts. They are less inclined to play games based on chance, such as slot machines, and prefer the strategy of table games, where they may use statistics to improve their chances of winning. “ I’m feeling” types are more likely to play slot machines in the hopes of winning a free prize like free spins or wild cards. They enjoy taking risks and making the game a personal matter of winning and losing, whereas thinking types regard the game as a puzzle to examine and solve.

    Judging/Dealing with Complex Situations

    Judging types prefer a structured environment and would be better suited to tournaments or long-form games with defined outcomes. They like the sense of completion and the thrill of a game, such as winning a Texas Hold’Em Poker tournament.

    Perceiving people thrive in circumstances that allow them to hop on and off the game train whenever they want. They are unconcerned if the game does not conclude.

    This encourages people to play more casino-style games, where the action continues as long as you keep playing.

    They are unconcerned about game set structures or start times. They would probably choose to play games like Blackjack, roulette, and slots, which do not demand any commitment.


    Regardless of the great games available Cognitive learning styles and personality features provide insight into how people play each one. It’s not conclusive evidence but rather a well-informed guess. Why don’t you compare your cognitive learning approaches to the games you enjoy playing?

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