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Rybka 4 Aquarium The full documentation is here. Rybka 4 Aquarium – revolutionary analysis and database tool, combined with the world’s strongest chess playing engine, Rybka 4. Aquarium offers advanced analysis functions, game commenting, searching, powerful chess trees, playing, databases and much more. Powerful analysis tools There’re two very powerful analysis methods – Infinite analysis and IDeA Infinite Analysis is the oldest and the most common type of analysis, supported by many GUIs. It is enhanced with unique features, such as Infinite Analysis History. If you think you may have analyzed an interesting position two months ago, there is no need to guess. Just take a quick look at the Infinite Analysis History.
  • Analysis is stored in a chess tree which can be viewed in the tree window.
  • Multiple chess engines can be run simultaneously either in one window or in seperate windows.
  • Special threats analysis, multivariation mode, selected moves exlucsion, only tree moves analysis, etc.
  • The full information about infinite analysis is here.
IDeA (Interactive Deep Analysis) is a new, unique and powerful analysis method. IDeA examines a position and then follows the most important moves automatically to create a tree of variations. It just keeps on crawling the variations in an intelligent way, adding more analysis, and never stops until you tell it to.
  • Powerful interactive features allow you to influence the search.
  • Analysis can be focused on moves and variations that you consider important.
  • Overnight analysis produces hundreds or even thousands of analyzed positions.
  • IDeA stores the results in a chess tree on your hard disk.
  • Even if your computer crashes all your analysis will be there when you turn it on again.
  • Analysis can be stopped any time you like, and resumed later on.
  • IDeA uses the results of previous analysis, even if you start from a different position.
  • All the information about IDeA is here
Game Analysis and Find Blunders. Automatically analyze your games. Read more. Annotate Your Games… And Chess Trees! Rybka 3 Aquarium offers a broad range of opportunities on how to annotate games and chess trees:
  • Use Chess Informant style (symbols), record verbal commentary, apply board graphics etc.
  • Insert reference games from a database and endgame information from tablebases.
  • Annotate a move or a position just once and you will see your annotations everywhere the same position comes up.
  • All info that is needed to annotate games is here.
Database compatibility: Chessbase and Chess Assistant Rybka 4 Aquarium reads and converts the most widely used database formats, including:
  • Chessbase (CBH)
  • Chess Assistant (CDP)
  • DSN (Aquarium)
  • PGN
  • EPD
Support for Most Chess Engines Rybka 4 Aquarium supports both UCI & WinBoard protocols, which are used by most modern chess engines. That means you can easily connect other UCI and Winboard engines to it, like Shredder, Junior, Naum, Zappa, HIARCS etc. Play: Normal, Handicap, Chess960, Playing Zone Server
Rybka 4 Aquarium allows you to play chess both vs computer (chess engine) and real players:
  • Three handicap modes, including predefined material and elo rating lists
  • Support for Chess960/Fischerandom games.
  • Blindfold and semi-blindfold games.
  • Free online play at the ChessOK Playing Zone.
  • Broadcasts of the most important chess events on the Playing Zone, with live Rybka analysis.
Engine tournaments and matches
Rybka 4 Aquarium is a powerful framework for organizing engine tournaments and matches:
  • Flexible definition of time-controls.
  • Opening book selection and maximum number of moves played from book.
  • Start from the standard starting position or any other position.
Rybka Randomizer matches can often give you the correct answer in your analysis where you suspect that the engine evaluates a positions incorrectly.
iBooks Now you can create your own chessbooks – iBooks. It’s an ordinary chessbook, in which you can insert diagrams and hyperlinks, and first of all notation with variations that are displayed on the board. So any DSN-database can be converted into a convenient book and be exported into a blog! The full iBook documentation is here. Aquarium Scripter There’s a number of procedures that you’d like perform on your databases and trees, but they are too special to be implemented in Aquarium. So – why not to implement it yourself? With Aquarium Scripter you can gain access to any data you like and process it in any form you like. Just try – it’s not too hard! All AqScipter information is here Rybka – the World Computer Chess Champion Rybka 4 is the strongest chess engine and the 2008 computer chess world champion. It dominates all independent computer chess rating lists with ELO rating of 3150+. Aquarium’s advanced analysis functions take full advantage of Rybka’s strength. Rybka 4 is UCI engine, meaning that it can be taken from Aquarium and connected to any chess program, supporting UCI protocol, like Fritz (Chessbase) or Arena. Try it in action Download demo version Documentation & Updates Compare to other Aquarium Packages – what’s the difference between Aquarium 2010 and Aquarium 4?
  • Rybka 4 Aquarium and Deep Rybka 4 Aquarium – the latest Aquarium GUI with the latest and the strongest chess playing engines. Rybka 4 Aquarium is recommended for the users having only 1 core (CPU) in the computer. For reaching maximum strength on the computers with multiple cores (CPUs) Deep Rybka 4 Aquarium is recommended.

  • Aquarium 2010 and Deep Aquarium 2010 – Aquarium GUI with Rybka 3 chess playing engine (playing approximately 60 ELO weaker as compared with Rybka 4 engine). You may upgrade for free Aquarium 2010 GUI to the latest Rybka 4 Aquarium GUI by downloading and installing 4.0.5 update package of Aquarium

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