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ChessOK.com » How Gambling Habits Have Changed Over the Last 50 Years

How Gambling Habits Have Changed Over the Last 50 Years

Gambling is something that has been with us for thousands of years. Dice and playing cards have been a major form of gambling for many years and we must go back to the late 1100s to find the first form of gambling legislation. However, never have we seen the raft of changes in gambling habits than those witnessed over the past 50 years. Continue below as we look at how gambling has changed in recent times.

Online Gambling

The biggest change in gambling habits over the last 50 years is the introduction of online gambling. Thanks to the internet, rather than having to travel to a casino or land based sportsbook to gamble, it is now possible to gamble using a computer at home. Gone are the days of having to organize a get-together with friends to enjoy a game of poker as this can all be done online. While the atmosphere and experience of playing around a table with a group of friends cannot be replicated when playing casino games online, it is getting ever closer to the real thing. Live casinos offer games with a real dealer and it is possible to interact with the dealer during the game.

Real dealer online casino games have become immensely popular but the slots remain the number one online casino game. Slots in traditional casinos are excellent and provide plenty of enjoyment thanks to the themes they adopt but they cannot match the level of creativity of online slots. In addition, a single online casino can carry thousands of slots and it is difficult, even for the largest land based casinos, to compete with that number of games.

Mobile Casinos

We have even witnessed a change in the way online casino games are played in recent times. The development of smart phones means online casino games are available to play using a mobile phone. You no longer need to be sat at a home computer to play the latest online casino games and more people than ever before are gambling online using their mobile phone. Convenience is the driving factor behind the boom in mobile gambling and wherever there is a reliable internet connection, online gambling is possible.

Many of the latest online casino games are designed with the smaller mobile screen in mind, such is the popularity of mobile betting and gambling companies have developed mobile applications to make it easy for people to gamble using their mobile phones.

Small Deposits

There is a lot more information and help for those who feel like they might have a gambling problem today than 50 years ago. This has led to several reforms in the way online gambling companies operate, including ways for people to control their gambling. As a result, operators are now offering online casinos with a minimum deposit to cater for players not looking to spend their whole paycheck playing online. The new, smaller minimum deposits mean players do not have to deposit large sums of money if they just want to spend a short amount of time playing casino games.

Many of the top online casino games have small minimum stakes, with online slots being a good example. A few dollars can now go a long way when playing online casino games and by playing online, the pressure that can be felt when playing in a land based casino is avoidable. Being cheered on by a group of onlookers in a casino can lead to a player spending more money on the game than they intended but playing online, at small deposit casinos, has removed that pressure.

It is clear online gambling and the introduction of mobile betting have driven the major changes in gambling habits over the last 50 years. People now have the option to play high quality casino games in the palm of their hand rather than having to travel to a land based casino.

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