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ChessOK.com » Top Things To Do When Preparing For A Chess Tournament

Top Things To Do When Preparing For A Chess Tournament

Preparation is an important part of every chess tournament. To perform at your best at a chess tournament you need to prepare ahead of time. However, for most people who are faced with their first tournament since their foray into the game of chess, it can be difficult knowing how to go about preparing for a chess tournament. If you are faced with this challenge, this article provides you a guide on the top things you should do when preparing for a chess tournament. 

Go over your tactics

This is one of the first things you should do. If you have not played in a tournament before or it has been a while since you were in a tournament, it is only wise that you go over your tactics. Engage in exercises that will stimulate your mind and cause you to think on the go. By going over your tactics, you familiarize yourself with your tactics and you give yourself the confidence you need to be able to perform optimally. In doing this, it is important that you go over your entire game plan. You should also check your openings too, as well as your weaknesses. These are important as they can determine how the game goes for you. Instead of spending so much trying to create new openings or looking for how to get an advantage on a certain line, you can make time work for you by choosing the lines you are going to play, and memorizing them. This way, if these lines show up while you are playing during the tournament, you can confidently play them without any issues. 

Prepare your body and mind

Chess games can be long drawn out and can last for up to six hours or more. As such, it is important that you get your body and mind ready for the game. Your body needs to be able to withstand sitting in a chair for long drawn out hours. Also, your mind needs to be able to withstand hours spent on one game. Exercising can help put your body in the right shape to undertake this. As for your mind, you can play mentally stimulating games that get you thinking and put you in a competitive mood. To play such mind stimulating games, you could sign up at Casimba

Get Inspired

From the second preparation tip, we have already established that mental preparedness is important. Instead of stressing over your tournament and losing sleep over it, which would be counterproductive, you should find a source of inspiration. This could be the outcome of a particular game; either yours from past games you did well, or from other games you have watched. This could also be your favorite player. What is important is that you get your mind in a positive state. 

Clearly, preparation for a chess tournament is more than going over your plays and your board skills. It also involves physical and mental work. Take the aforementioned tips seriously and you will be on your way to winning your tournament. 

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