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ChessOK.com » The Similarities between Chess and Poker

The Similarities between Chess and Poker

Kings and Queens appear in both Chess and Poker but that’s not the only similarity between these two games. The strategies that need to be employed and total concentration on every move made also link these two great games.

Strategy is so important in both of these games. It’s not just about thinking what to do on your next move/turn. You need to be thinking a bit more ahead than that in order to achieve the best possible result.

For example, say you are dealt a pair of Kings, that’s a very good hand indeed. However, you need to work out the best way of getting a good win from those Kings. There’s no point going all in because that could just lead the other players to fold. You win the hand, but the reward will be small.

Instead, it’s time to perhaps gently raise the stakes and do your best not to let the other players now what a good hand you have. Remember though, that the other players may have good strategic play, especially the one who might have the other Kings or a couple of Aces.

In Chess, you need to be thinking well into the future. You need to have a plan formulated that will see you beating your opponent. There’s no bluffing required as in Poker, but you will want to stick to your strategy and get that check mate. As in Poker though, you do need to work out what your opponent’s strategy is. They will be playing all out to beat you, so you need to do your best to see just what strategy they may be employing.

The internet has been a great innovation for both of these games. There are plenty of opportunities to read about and play Chess. The same applies for those of you who love playing Poker online. Make sure though that you find out information about these sites before registering with them

You don’t become a good Chess or Poker player overnight. Both games are ones that you can continually be learning about. There are countless books and websites out there where you can learn how to play these games to a high standard.

There is so much to learn about these two games, so prepare yourself for a lot of studying. If you find that you struggle bluffing or lose too many pieces early on in games, the answer to your problems is probably out there somewhere.

Both of these games can be played at any possible level. You might be just an average player but if playing against those of a similar standard, a great time can be had. Chess and Poker both have plenty of tournaments, especially online and particularly with Poker. Playing in these tournaments, especially freerolls can be an enjoyable experience.

You can see therefore, that there are plenty of similarities between Chess and Poker. Both need a lot of thought put into playing them, but a great time can be had with both games.

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