Chess Assistant 19 with Houdini & Chess Assistant 19 Basic
Chess Assistant 19 with Houdini combines advanced game database management, analysis powered by the strongest Houdini 6 engine, the advanced Tree mode, Opening Encyclopedia and many other features.

Chess Assistant 19 with Houdini 6 €78.95
Chess Assistant 19 Basic €48.95 » How to use Lomonosov Tablebases in Aquarium

How to use Lomonosov Tablebases in Aquarium

Lomonosov Tablebases are available in Aquarium interface, which also serves as the base of the Houdini Aquarium. Owners of Chess Assistant Professional Package also receive Aquarium as part of the package bonus.

Quick Guide

The manual already explains the usage of tablebases, but we’ll remind it just in case.

1 – Set the position in the Sand Box or Database mode;







2 – Select the analysis tab;







3 – Click TB7 Online.







The interface will access the tables (you must be connected to the Internet) and show you the result.

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