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ChessOK.com » Introduction to Peshk@

Peshka Many readers are probably familiar with ChessOK training programs, such as CT-ART, Chess Tactics for Beginners etc. Peshk@ (“peshka” is the Russian word for “pawn”) is one of the company’s main products – a free interface for numerous training courses that can be found at chessok.com.

Taking Advantage of the Internet
Peshk@ was the first ChessOK training program to takes advantage of the Internet. The basic package is available both on DVD and as a download. It comes with one training course, but users can browse a list of other available courses from inside the program. The list is automatically updated when new courses are released.
Users are allowed to try out new courses before they buy them. Since they are presented through Peshk@, there is no need to install a new program. The trial versions will allow you to make a more informed decision about buying or not. If you decide to buy, the purchase only requires a few mouse clicks and you will be able to start using the new course within minutes.
Peshk@ is one of the most advanced training programs.

This design allows users to quickly build a library of courses that address those areas that need the most improvement.

There are several interesting ideas in development with regards to new courses for specific rating ranges, etc. As is usual with ChessOK, be sure they listen closely to their customers when it comes to developing material for Peshk@.

Improvements Based on User Feedback

The improvements in Peshk@ compared to older ChessOK training programs are to a large extent based on feedback from users. Although previous programs have been very successful, users have pointed out several important opportunities for improvement. Many of those have been incorporated into Peshk@. Here are some examples:

  1. Improved user interface. Peshk@ is based on a modern user interface that is similar to the latest instalments of Microsoft Office, but much simpler. Aquarium users will also feel right at home with the “ribbon” user interface. Note that you can minimize the ribbon by double-clicking on one of the tabs in order to maximize the working area. This can be helpful for users with low-resolution screens.
  2. Improved piece and board graphic. Peshk@ comes with a nice selection of boards and piece sets. The pieces are vector based so they look smooth at any size. Board themes and piece sets are interchangeable between Peshk@ and the Aquarium interface.
  3. Consistency across different training program. This is solved by Peshk@. Instead of creating a different program for each training course, Peshk@ can handle multiple courses as described below.
  4. Windows compatibility. Peshk@ is fully compatible with the latest versions of Windows OS and doesn’t need administrative rights to run.
  5. Auto-update and an option to download courses from the Internet. Both of these features are built into Peshk@. Note that Internet access is only required while you are checking for and downloading new courses. Otherwise everything is done locally; so for training, Peshk@ works in the same way as previous ChessOk training programs.

One Program Many Training Courses

One of the more interesting features of Peshk@ is that it is module based. This means that many different training courses will be available and can be plugged into Peshk@.

The ChessOK training courses are, as usual, of very high quality and ChessOK worked closely with several chess schools and experienced trainers to develop the training regimen. All previously developed courses are also available for Peshk@.

One of the advantages of the ChessOK training courses is that they squeeze as much value as possible out of each exercise. As an example, the user must find all important moves in a combination, not just the first one. Sometimes he may even be required to find the correct continuation against different defending moves. If he is in trouble, Peshk@ will help put him on the right track using different methods without actually revealing the correct moves.

The “Courses” button in the ribbon at the top of the application window presents a list of available courses in the “Course Browser,” which is shown in the image below.
The “Courses” button displays the available training courses.

You can use the buttons at the top of the window to filter the list, so you only see the courses that you are interested in.
The courses are displayed in a configurable multi-level list. In the example above I have placed rank or difficulty at the top of the hierarchy. The next level shows two categories: “Local” and “Online.” The local courses are already available on your computer. They were either part of the Peshk@ package or you may have downloaded them separately.
The Online list shows additional courses that are available for download. If you click one of the items in the Online list, you are presented with a purchase link or a download link if it’s a demo.
The “Course Browser” shows local and Online courses.

Before you can start using the Online resources you must register. Click the “Go online” button at the bottom of the course browser window.
Additional courses and demos can be downloaded.

If you are already registered, you can enter your login and password here. Otherwise click the “Register now!” link to register. After you log in the “Top up balance” button replaces the “Go online” button at the bottom of the course browser window.

In case you are planning to buy a new course, click this button to add the required amount to your account. After that you can purchase the course in Peshk@ and it will be automatically downloaded and installed.

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Learn more about Pesk@

Each course is unique and takes into account your rating and tracks your improvements. You can learn more about the Pesk@ interface and other training programs on the official ChessOK website.

Try out numerous courses covering all levels (Beginner, Club Player, Intermediate Player) and stages (Opening, Tactics, Strategy, Ending). All of them are run in Peshk@.

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