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Chess Assistant 21 combines advanced game database management, analysis powered by the strongest engines, the advanced Tree mode, Opening Encyclopedia and many other features.

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In the ChessOK playing zone, several tournaments with prizes are held daily. The whole list is here:

Daily Prize Tournaments (GMT everywhere)
— 10:00 Team cup: 3 minutes, 3 boards
— 12:00 Individual cup for 1-minute play
— 15:00 Individual cup for 3 minutes
— 17:00 Team cup for 3 minutes, on 5 boards.
— 19:00 Individual cup for 1 minute
— 22:00 Team&individual cup for 3 minutes. Teams are counted for three best players of the team.
— 00:00 Individual night cup for 3 minutes.

League tournament (the most popular tournament)
Takes place on Wednesdays, at 17.00 GMT, eight matches pro season, the timetable is accepted every time before the season.

15.00 GMT, Team cup for 1 minute at 5 boards.

14:00 Sunday tournament with the year membership as the main prize.

The last month’s Saturday
16.00: “ChessOK” Open Championship

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