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Dinosaur Chess

Dinosaur Chess logotype Dinosaur Chess is a fun way to learn chess for the absolute beginner.
It assumes absolutely zero preexisting knowledge of the game and suits perfectly for parents who wish to teach their child how to play chess.
Dinosaur Chess Screenshot (click to enlarge)

Its main advantage is that it turns learning chess into a game of its own, making it a truly fun and inspiring activity.

Dinosaur Chess Screenshot (click to enlarge) As the name indicates the game is set in the age of the dinosaurs.
Each player starts out as a very small dinosaur, either male or female, fresh from the egg.
But being a very small dinosaur in a jungle full of very large dinosaurs has some severe disadvantages, so the goal is to grow as quickly as possible.
In this game there is only one way to get bigger and stronger: by learning something new about chess.

Professor MacDinosaur. Fortunately, for the small but ambitious dinosaur, help is provided by Professor MacDinosaur every step of the way.
He will guide you through the basics of chess and help you grow and get stronger until you can successfully take on the terrible Tyrannosaurus Rex.
But, as the professor himself says, it’s not only about getting bigger and stronger – it’s also about getting smarter!
Dinosaur Chess Screenshot
Dinosaur Chess Screenshot (click to enlarge) Dinosaur Chess offers four main modes:
  • Learn – Here you attend Professor MacDinosaur’s classes. He offers eleven different interactive lessons. The first one teaches you about the board and the squares and he doesn’t finish until you know all the moves an can play a game of chess.
  • Play – Play a game of chess against a dinosaur. The level of play is deliberately weak enough so as not to discourage the beginner. There are six dinosaurs to choose from with varying knowledge of the game.
  • Dino Fight – Have the chess lessons really made you bigger, stronger and smarter? This is the only part of the program that is strictly non-chess, but nevertheless an important part of keeping the dinosaur-in-training interested in learning more.
  • Progress – Keeps track of your triumphs. One of the nice features of Dinosaur Chess is that it can keep track of several different players. So if you want to use the program to teach more than one child, they can be registered separately and the program will track their progress.

Dinosaur Chess makes learning chess fun.
Consequently, it is more likely that the child will want to continue playing, learning and improving!

Try it in action

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Article by Dadi Jonsson
Dinosaur Chess Screenshot (click to enlarge)

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