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ChessOK.com » Chess Olympiad Dresden 2008: Round 2
Chess Olympiad Dresden 2008: Round 2 15 November 2008
All favorites advanced forward. Men: Russia beat Poland 2½ – 1½. Ukraine beat Serbia (though Karjakin lost) 2½ – 1½. China beat Belarus 3 – 1. Women: Russia beat Slovenia 3 – 1, China beat Slovakia 3-1, Georgia beat Romania 2½ – 1½. Selected games from round 2 with Rybka 3 Aquarium live comments Below you would find full results and round 2 fotos. All results of Round 2 MEN All results of Round 2 WOMEN Peter Leko
Peter Leko prepares to the battle
Fr - Ned
Netherlands – France (2½ – 1½).
World ex-champion Vladimir Kramnik from Russia.
Elisabeth Paehtz from Germany.
Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk from Russia.
Women team from Aruba (a small island in Caribian Sea).
Mol - Arm
Moldova – Armenia (1-3). Vladimir Akopian versus Dmitry Svetushkin at first plan.
Bots - Yem
Botswana – Yemen (2-2).

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