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Rybka vs. GM Roman Dzindzichashvili – A Pawn and Move 06 March 2008
dzindzichashvili.JPGAn interesting match Rybka vs. Dzhindzhihashvili has started. The peculiarity of this match is that the computer program gives odds to human. There will be 8 rounds in total. Dzhindzhihashvili plays for White at all rounds. Online games broadcasting Game 1: draw Game 2: Rybka lost Game 3: Rybka won Game 4: Rybka won Game 5: draw Game 6: draw Game 7: Rybka lost Game 8: draw Final standings: 4 – 4. 1 round Rybka plays withut pawn а7; 3 March, 2008 Dzhindzhihashvili vs. Rybka ½ : ½ 2 round Rybka plays without pawn b7; 3 March, 2008 Dzhindzhihashvili vs. Rybka 1 : 0 3 round Rybka plays without pawn с7; 5 March, 2008 Dzhindzhihashvili vs. Rybka 0 : 1 4 round Rybka plays without pawn d7; 5 March, 2008 Dzhindzhihashvili vs. Rybka 0 : 1 5 round Rybka plays without pawn e7; 6 March, 2008 Dzhindzhihashvili vs. Rybka ½ : ½ 6 round Rybka plays without pawn f7; 6 March, 2008 Dzhindzhihashvili vs. Rybka ½ : ½ 7 round Rybka plays without pawn g7; 7 March, 2008 Dzhindzhihashvili vs. Rybka 1 :0 8 round Rybka plays without pawn h7. 7 March, 2008 Dzhindzhihashvili vs. Rybka ½ : ½ In the 2nd round a very interesting moment has occurred – during 24-26 moves the position repeated twice, thus Rybka showed that it agreed to a draw. But after repeating the position twice Dzhindzhihashvili refused a “hidden draw” and went kd2 at the 27th move (as it would turn out later – he estimated his strength right). After hard struggling the opponents went to rook ending where Rybka made 2 strange or even fatal moves 44) …-a5? and 49) … – Kf7?. After losing two pawns it surrendered. In the 3rd round White played English defense. At receiving a normal position Dzhindzhihashvili voluntarily caused himself troubles by beautiful knight sacrifice 21) Kf6. For sure, I wouldn’t recommend doing it versus one of the strongest chess playing programs in the world. And after sharp struggling the computer program gradually overcame the man. So after 3 rounds the balance was restored: 1½ : 1½. In the 4th round Dzhindzhihashvili played a sharp opening (surely, it was caused by chess playing program Rybka that made the position more and more complex). As a result of tense struggle the program calculated better than the man and Dzhindzhihashvili had to surrender. So the score became 1½ : 2½ to Rybka. In the 5th game Black played without central pawn е7. Dzhindzhihashvili set a very strong position by opening. Keeping to the tactics – “simplify the position by exchanging pieces” – White managed to enter rook ending with one extra pawn. But after an interesting and tense struggle the advantage couldn’t be realized. And the 5th game didn’t define the winner – 1/2:1/2. The 6th game was the hardest for the chess program Rybka, as the analysis before the game showed ≈ {+1.50}, i.e. White had had the advantage of a pawn and a half approximately. Just at 11.Qе7? Ке7; White lost the great part of its advantage but still had one extra pawn and managed to simplify the position greatly. Dzhindzhihashvili purposed to go on simplifying the position in the same manner – by exchanging pieces but his position became worse and worse. In addition, Rybka made a beautiful tactical stroke 18. … Bh3! And White was left without casting thus lagging behind in developing pieces. In the 6th game the greatest mistake was White’s move 26.f3?; in fact, after it the position became absolutely equal and after a long struggle MAN and COMPUTER agreed to a draw. In the 7 th game Black played Old Indian defense (though without pawn g7)…White played a strong opening turning two bishops of chess program Rybka into two more “pawns”. During the whole game White had a great advantage but as is well known, any advantage should be realized first. In the 7 th game Dzhindzhihashvili managed to realize his material and positional advantage by a beautiful sacrifice: “a rook for a bishop and a pawn”! After it Black’s position became totally hopeless, despite of regained material equality (a rook for a knight + two pawns). Black had no counter play at all while White pawns queened with no problem… And the total score became equal again 3.5:3.5 ! A very beautiful game! It’s a visual aid in how one should competently and neatly realize a slight positional and material advantage! In the 8 th game White managed to exchange a great number of pieces competently (without detriment to its own position!) and thus simplify its position greatly. Just by the 18 th move the position was a multipiece endgame. And one odds pawn remained… After a series of incorrect moves White lost a pawn and the position on the board started reflecting the total equality of strengths as well as the score did… The tournament between strong GM Dzhindzhihashvili and one of the world strongest chess program Rybka with the odds of one pawn has ended in a draw 4:4. Thus the programmers and developers of chess program Rybka can really be proud of their brainchild! One can surely state: «Chess program Rybka has started playing much stronger than MAN

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