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Dinosaur Chess. Mac version 18 April 2008
Dinosaur Chess (Mac version) is an entertaining chess program that will keep the attention of children while teaching them the basics of chess. The program contains four modes: LEARN, PLAY, PROGRESS and DINO FIGHT. Most of the educational material is contained within the LEARN mode. The LEARN mode assumes absolutely zero preexisting knowledge of the game and builds the student’s knowledge from the ground up. The mode consists of 11 lessons that teach the basics of how the pieces move, capture, etc. The combination of video and audio instructions makes it easy for young students to follow the lessons. At the end of each lesson a student has to complete a few exercises to demonstrate an understanding of the material. However, the limited number of exercises makes it difficult for a student to master the concepts. Adding more exercises certainly would enhance the value of the program. Aside from their chess content, the lessons have visual and audio effects that will keep kids interested. The PLAY mode allows student to play a game of chess against a dinosaur. The strength of the dinosaur is adjusted so that it can be beaten, but still present a challenge to the absolute beginner. Little explosions that accompany captures are another feature that younger students will surely enjoy. It would be great if the program had the option to limit the pieces in play to only those which the student has already mastered. The DINO FIGHT option allows students to take a break in between lessons. In this mode students are able to choose a dinosaur to battle in a simple fight. While simple enough for any child to play, this option is important for keeping children from being overwhelmed by the information learned in the lessons. The PROGRESS PAGE is a basic display of number of lessons learned, pieces captured, dinosaurs defeated, etc.; very easy to understand by a youngster. Computer: Mac Operating System: 10.4.x / 10.5.x Processor Type: G4 PowerPC / Intel Core 2 Duo (Universal Binary) Memory: 1GB

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