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XXI Magistral Ciudad de Leon. Ivanchuk has newly won! 03 June 2008


There was a rapid chess tournament, the “XXI Magistral Ciudad de Leon” in Leon, Spain. At first finalists were determined by four participants in four-game matches with 20 min. + 10 sec. per move time control…. Also there was a tiebreaker consisting of blitz games in the case of a draw.The tense struggle was guaranteed by the strong line-up. There was Anand (India, 2803) the reigning World champion, sevenfold winner of the tournament, Ivanchuk (Ukraine, 2740), Shirov, double-ply winner of the tournament (Spain,2740) and Vallejo Pons (Spain, 2684) amongst the participants of the tournament. Ivanchuk confidently beat Shirov 3-1 and Anand won against Vallejo Pons only on tiebreaker 3,2 – 2,5. The final match between Anand – Ivanchuk was the high point of the tournament. The first two games was a win each and the third game was a draw. In the decisive game Anand made an exchange sacrifice and was forced to surrender two moves after the accurate reply made by Ivanchuk.

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