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Rybka 3 is finally released ! 04 August 2008
Released We are glad to inform you that Rybka 3 is finally released! Shortly you will get your serial number for the product you purchased. Whenever you write us for support, please specify this serial number. – Deep Rybka 3 Aquarium (for download or DVD) – Rybka 3 UCI without interface (for download or CD) – Deep Rybka 3 UCI without interface (for download or CD) – Upgrade Chess Assistant 10 Starter package with Rybka 3 (for download or DVD) – Upgrade Chess Assistant 10 Professional package with Deep Rybka 3 (for download or DVD) – Chess Assistant 10 Starter package with Rybka 3 (for download or DVD) – Chess Assistant 10 Professional package with Deep Rybka 3 (for download or DVD) – Chess Assistant 10 Mega package with Deep Rybka 3 and Gold Nalimov Tablebases (DVD) We are starting publishing video tutorials for Rybka 3 Aquarium: – Modes Video (139 Mb) – Quick Video (340Mb) Links to the same videos in archives: 1 2 3 >> Rybka 3 Aquarium Manual (ENG) << >> Rybka 3 Aquarium Manual (GER) << We offer two ways of downloading and installing all Rybka packages (UCI and Aquarium). 1) From our Chess Resources Server using ChessOK Downloader 2) From the HTTP link that you get from The product versions from those sources are completely identical. FOR CHESS RESOURCES SERVER INSTALLATION:

1. Download and install ChessOK Downloader from . 2. Run ChessOK Downloader. You’ll need to register on our Chess Resources Server. 3. Once you are logged in, you will be prompted to activate your serial number. Do it. 4. Now you are able to download your product from Chess Resources Server. The resource names are ‘/Aquarium/DeepAquariumSetup’ – for Deep Rybka 3 Aquarium ‘/Aquarium/AquariumSetup’– for Rybka 3 Aquarium ‘/Aquarium/DeepRybkaSetup’– for Deep Rybka 3 UCI ‘/Aquarium/RybkaSetup’– for Rybka 3 UCI FOR HTTP DOWNLOAD: 1. Visit . 2. Enter your serial number. You’ll get the unique HTTP download link to the setup program. This link is valid for a limited amount of time (1 day) and for ONLY TWO downloads! If you have lost the download link or if you experience any problems during any installation step, write us to Please specify your serial number on your letter. AQUARIUM INSTALLATION 1. Run DeepAquariumSetup.exe (or AquariumSetup.exe). Follow the instructions in the installation program. 2. By default d:\Aquarium folder will be offered as installation path. By your desire you may change it to another one. For Vista systems with User Account Control on, it is not recommended to setup the program to the folder c:\Program Files\Aquarium. 3. You will be prompted about creating desktop shortcut for Rybka3 Aquarium. If you agreed “Rybka 3 Aquarium” shortcut will be created at the end of installation process. 4. Rybka 3 engine files will be placed to the folder <Aquarium>\Engines\Rybka. So if you need to use Rybka 3 engines in another GUI you may copy them to another folder on your computer. ADDITIONAL COMPONENTS: After you installed Aquarium, you can also download additional Aquarium components: – English manual of Deep Rybka Aquarium in Word format. – CAP – an analysis tree with 20 000 000 Rybka evaluations – Correspondence – a database with 400 000 top Corrsepondence chess games – HugeBase – a database with 3 600 000 games – HugeStatistics – a statistics tree with 3 500 000 games – MegaCAP – an analysis tree with 44 000 000 evaluations of different engines (not only Rybka). These components can all be downloaded from Chess Resources server (similar to base package installation), or by direct HTTP links provided in your e-mail. Please download these files one by one, do not start several downloads simultaneously. If you downloaded the components via HTTP links, here are INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Ensure Aquarium is not running – extract into <Aquarium>\ATrees, replace old files. <Aquarium> stands for your Aquarium installation directory. If you installed Aquarium to D:\Aquarium, the path is D:\Aquarium\ATrees. hugebase, – extract anywhere you like, open in Aquarium as a reference database. – extract into <Aquarium>\ATrees\statistics, replace old files You can also download free versions of Rybka and Jeroen’s RybkaII.ctg book. They are available by the following links: We are going to release German version of Deep Rybka Aquarium before August, 8.

Best regards, Convekta Ltd. Support:

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