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The report of the Panel of Judges on Anti-Computer Control 02 August 2012
On the 1st of August, the Panel of Judges of the Online Grand Prix 2012 analyzed the reports of the Anti-Computer Control System on the 4th qualifying tournament of the Online Grand Prix. The report gave enough reasons to assume that the following players used specializes computer software or the help of other players: Slawkurp (Kurpiewski Sіawomir) Vastruhin_Oleg_A BaadurJobava Lushenkov_Mihail As per paragraph 8 of the Official Regulation for the Online Grand Prix 2012, the Panel of Judges disqualifies the abovementioned players and resets to zero the points they have won during the qualifying tournaments of the Online Grand Prix 2012. The new list of players qualifies for the Final Tournament (44 players) follows. The list of players qualified for the Final Tournament. We would also like to point out that the Anti-Computer Control reports on the first three qualifying tournaments was analyzed by the Panel of Judges on the 8th of July, which resulted in the following players being disqualified: Gricenko_Nikolaj Panchishin_Taras khekhm (Kantans Toms) Aleksej_Gusarov LESOVOJ_EVGENIJ Vlasov_Aleksandr The Panel of Judges received requests from some players concerning their allocation in the Final groups. The Pane of Judges decided to satisfy some of these requests if they are caused by playing in other chess tournaments at the same time, and provided it does not disturb the group balance. The Arbiter of the competition, International Arbiter, A.V. Tkachev

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