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ChessOK.com » Aquarium 4.0.7 update with Rybka 4.1 released
Aquarium 4.0.7 update with Rybka 4.1 released 22 March 2011

We are glad to inform you that Aquarium 4.0.7 update is released.

There are no major visible changes in it. But there are a lot of fixes inside. We were working hard and about a hundred of different fixes were done to provide this release.

Two important issues that were solved are:

  1. Minimax process in IDeA became times faster. This is especaily visible when you operate with a lot of positions (like 100 000 and more).
  2. Game analysis with large time control worked too fast in previous builds and didn’t provide expected quality.

Aquarium update package includes update of Rybka 4 engine to Rybka 4.1 engine with a number of bugs fixed in it.

The links:

Full update package from any 4.* version up to 4.07, build 413 with Rybka 4.1. 29 MB
Installation program searches for previous Rybka 4 versions and adds correspondent Rybka 4.1 files. The engines are not linked to Aquarium automatically. This should be done manually.

Full Aquarium 4.0.7 package with Deep Rybka 4.1 instead of Deep Rybka 4. 67 MB
A proper serial number is essential to install. (Databases are not included into the package)

Full Aquarium 4.0.7 package with Rybka 4.1 (1 CPU) instead of Rybka 4. 65 MB
https://www.chessok.com/download/Aquarium/4/4_07/RybkaAquarium4Setup.exe A proper serial number is essential to install. (Databases are not included the package)

If you need only Rybka4 -> Rybka4.1 update (for Chess Assistant and other GUIs) use the following link. 2 MB

If you have already Aquarium 4.0.6 or Aquarium 4.0.7beta installed and you don’t want to perform update installation (some of your minor settings can be reset to default after installation) you may just change previous Aquarium.exe to a new one. It is direct link to Aquarium.exe, 4.0.7, build 413 file 20 MB

The same file in zip-archive. You need to unpack it to Aquarium folder 9 MB

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