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Various Updates 11 December 2009
  • Aquarium 2010 (version 4.0.2) update has been released just recently. Download — 7.5mb.
  • German language pack for Aquarium 2010 is released. Download
  • Rybka Opening book by Jeroen Noomen has been updated to run in Aquarium 2010 package. In case of any problems you need to redownload and reinstall the updated version of the book. You can download the updated book from there using your serial key.
  • Peshka training interface has been updated fixing a couple of bugs and allowing course updates (only download versions). You can download the updated interface from there. After downloading reinstall Peshka. Read more in our FAQ.
Read below for more information about updates.

What’s new in Aquarium 4.0.2

(also available in the Aquarium FAQ) Features * ‘Go to game number’ menu item in the games list * IDeA Presentation options allow to customize some IDeA behaviour * IDeA warns you if you start it with more than one active project (this warning can be switched off in the Presentation options) * Changed the root node list dialog: description and tree score columns are added Bugfixes * Fixed inability to launch a search from the game view * Opening commentary now works * ‘Preferred side’ is not reset upon pressing ‘Apply changes’ * Some fixes to CBH reading and converting * Fixed the ‘IDeA options’ dialog OK button not doing anything * Default layouts for IDeA Control Center and IDeA Project View now exist * IDeA: Fixed the excess task adding when searching for alternatives in the root node * Changed the column name in IDeA engine list from ‘#’ to ‘Count’ * Fixed inability to start the engine when it takes too long to load TB * Fixed inability of 4.0.1 version to access TB on ChessOk server.

How to install German patch for Aquarium

  1. Download the following file (it works for all types of Aquarium 2010 packages)
  2. Unpack files into Aquarium 2010 program folder.
  3. Note that language pack is valid only for Aquarium 2010 (version 4.02:
It is supposed that additional work for improving the translation will be done in the future. German documentation can be download from here: DOC, PDF

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