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ChessOK.com » Aquarium 3.2.1 Update
Aquarium 3.2.1 Update 16 September 2009
Rybka 3 Aquarium logotypeAquarium 3.2.1 Update has been released just recently. You can download it using ChessOK Downloader or from our site: Full update from any version Incremental update 3.2.0 to 3.2.1 The download size is 18 Mb. Read below what’s new in Aquarium 3.2.1 (also available in the Aquarium FAQ):


* Seriously reworked Setup position dialog * You can change the opponent engine’s opening book during the game in Play mode * You can have separate opening book setting for Play mode


* Fixed occasional crash when starting infinite analysis * Fixed the crash when infinite analysis is started upon closing IDEA * Fixed the focus change from tree to notation that occurs when the mode is changed * Fixed move number when setting up position – it’s no longer 1 in all cases * Fixed move number ignoring when the position on board doesn’t change * Fixed possible change of starting move number whenn pasting a game from clipboard or otherwise joining two notations. This also means that TB6 online respects the move numbers now. * Fixed the fact database root was ignored for engine_games database * Fixed the occasional situation when moves made from tree window were not reflected on the board * Increased the total move limit from 500 to 1000 moves * Fixed occasional JavaScript error (missing
) in HTML export * Fixed occasional incorrect positioning after hitting Backspace in Tree window * Fixed crash with ‘Start from position’ command in Play mode * Opponent engine now handles time control better * Fixed occasional sending of lower case UCI options (instead of keeping the case like engine presented) * Fixed JavaScript error in blog export which prevented exporting to blogger.com * Fixed the situation when engine sometimes ceased to play in Play mode upon switching to another mode * Cleaned up background list in DHTML export options * Printing now respects the notation font size settings

What’s next

This version concludes Aquarium 3 series. Any further Aquarium development will be directed towards version 4, which will be a separate product.

Discussion and feedback

Thread on Rybka Forum

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