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Aquarium 3.2.0 Update 20 August 2009
Rybka 3 Aquarium logotypeAquarium 3.2.0 Update has been released just recently. You can download it using ChessOK Downloader or from our site: Full update from any version Incremental update 3.1.1 to 3.2.0 The download size is 18 Mb. Read below what’s new in Aquarium 3.2.0 (also available in the Aquarium FAQ):

Major Features

* Play mode: eliminated the observer engine. All engine assistance is now performed by the opponent engine. * Play mode saves its state after exiting Aquarium. You can close Aquarium, then open it again and continue playing. * Play mode: you can make moves (and get engine answers) from any position (in Fun mode): in variations and subvariations. This is more Fritz-like behaviour. * You can export the game (game list, iBook page) as a ‘blog entry’, not to a separate HTML page. * You can use Aquarium to create animated GIFs with board images. * iBook edit mode is quite usable now. Most commands are presented as popup menu items, systax is highlighted etc. * iBook search function is vastly enhanced. * After pressing Esc (or otherwise stopping infinite analysis), the analysis window doesn’t disappear. Second Esc hides the window.

Minor Features

* You can add a single game to the tree. * Adding game (or game list) to the tree now allows automatic move coloring. * iBook writing: nested sections are allowed now. * iBook writing: you can see what text in edit window corresponds to the selected text in View window. * iBook writing: new commands are added to the command language. * iBook writing: added some options to automatically convert the game notation to i-Book. * DGT board input now allows inverting the position. * Play mode: The time is now specified for the player and the engine (not for White and Black). * Play mode: You can modify the clock values by double-clicking the clocks. * The best line is not bold now in the infinite analysis display. It varies in color. * Position search now does NOT respect castling rights. * You can switch to a different Infinite Analysis preset while analyzing. * Copy Board Image to Clipboard now creates the same image as ‘Save Board Image’. * Engine Competitions list now have non-empty Standings for engine matches. * Improvements to position setup: Move number, flip horizontally/vertically * The move number from a pasted FEN string becomes the current move number. * You can copy and paste the graphic commentary string (Aquarium specific). * Added support for remote UCI engines via our servers. * You can change the number of plies in infinite analysis with +/- keys, not only Num+/Num-.

Major bugfixes

* Fixed the bug in Engine-Engine matches when the engine was reloaded after each game if it had custom hash size settings.

Minor bugfixes

* Fixed the loss of game header when the game is moved between some Aquarium modes. * iBook: in some cases the iBook commands misjudged the side to move. * Increased minimum size for infinite analysis options window. * Fixed occasional lack of last mistake commentary in Game Analysis. * Fixed occasional appearance of 5-digit Elo ratings in PGN database reading. * ‘Sensible’ window layout is shown after it was corrupted, not the blank window. * Fixed incorrect timestamp placement in CQLSearchResults.eld * Changed Infinite Analysis time display to a more convenient h:mm:ss * The highlighted move in the Notation window is now visible after entering the mode. * Fixed occasional bug when changing settings for one engine during IA affected other engines’ settings. * Save board image: image sizes are accurate now. * Save board image: opponent move red arrow is now preserved in the image. * Fixed the situation when analysis presets were not loaded correctly. * Fixed the loss of game header when the game is moved to another database via drag-and-drop. * Fixed ‘List index out of bounds’ error when enabling Tree and Classifier for the iBook. * Fixed excess database connections (and error message spam) when searching for position in current dataset. * Fixed occasional display of incorrect Ribbon tab when closing the i-Book page. * The status bar tooltips (IA history, engine state, etc.) do not disappear any more. * Fixed spelling error in engine match dialog. * Fixed inability to add text markers on the board. * Fixed crash when editing text markers. * Added more sensible failure message when opening a database locked by CA. * Added size constraits to iBook page select dialog.

Discussion and feedback

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