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Rybka won the CCT11 tournament! 23 March 2009
The annual computer chess tournament was held this weekend on Internet Chess Club. The Rybka team was using a cluster of 9 computers working in parallel for the event. As Rybka doesn’t support cluster splitting yet, a special Rybka version was created for this purpose. Operator: Nick Carlin Cluster implementation: Lukas Cimiotti Rybka engine: Vasik Rajlich, Larry Kaufman Opening book: Jeroen Noomen’s Rybka Aquarium opening book Interface: Chess Assistant 10 View all games
In this position from DIEP – Rybka game Rybka clearly sees that she wins the ending giving the rook away with 36…Rxf3! move. So she went to it several moves before. Rybka hardware Four octal machines (2 Skulltrail’s @ 4 and 3.8 GHz, 1 Xeon X5460 @ 3.8 GHz, 1 x Xeon X5450 @3.6 GHz) and 5 Nehalem Quads (Core i7 920 3.9 – 4.1 GHz), so 52 cores. The octal machines have 8 GB of RAM each, and 6 GB for the Nehalems. Rybka won both tournaments (main and blitz) She scored 7.5 out of 9 in the main tournament (1 draw and 1 technical defeat in a totally won position). The blitz score was 7 out of 7. Download games. The result is hard to imagine: 1 draw and 15 wins in 16 games. This high result couldn’t be possible without the new Rybka Aquarium opening book, that has recently become available for purchase. The book is designed for Aquarium GUI, but later it will be possible to use it with Chess Assistant 10 (after a patch is released) and with any other GUI (via a free UCI adapter that will be released this week). Official site of the tournament is You may find the discussion of the tournament on the Rybka forum:

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