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Play chess Online. 25 September 2008

ChessOK Playing Zone Screenshot (click to enlarge) Let’s come back to the past for a moment, when there were no Internet, no post services, no telephones and no other ways of long distance communication. That was a really hard time for the chess players who wanted to find good opponents. People had to play with the same players all the time and that was boring and even annoying.
The appearance of the modern post service exerted a great influence upon the chess players. It created an opportunity to play against the opponents who were hundred and thousand miles away! But this was an absolutely different type of playing chess, when a player had a day, a week or even a month to think over the next move, so that one game could last for many years.
Times have changed. Internet. Personal computer. Powerful chess engines. Nowadays it is possible not just to play with a chess engine, but to play against any person all around the globe. Stay home and use Chess online, which is absolutely free .
You can start playing online chess on our ChessOk server right now! All you need to do is just click on the play chess now and register a new player or enter as a guest. Enjoy playing online chess with different types of time controls against the players from all around the globe.
We do not recommend you to start the game without the game client which you can download here. Register a new player and login to the gaming zone. This software gives you opportunity to use additional functions, such as: online tournaments with prizes, online chess training, integrated chess phorum, online chess analysis and many other functions.
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