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Chess engine – Rybka 30 January 2007

Rybka logotype When the first computer chess programs were created, many people predicted that in due course a person would not be able to compete with a chess program. This fact was obvious, but the question of time was still left open. The best grandmasters of the planet performed quite confident in matches against the chess game programs.

However in the recent 2006 a new program that finished off this question finally appeared. At that moment the program Rybka 2.1 had already more than 3000 points (150-200 points higher than the other chess programs had) according to the ELO ratings and was beating with confidence all of its “iron mates”. The chief designer and author of this unique engine is Vasik Railijch (international chess master from Hungary ) who has built into the program position estimate algorithms, that are maximum approximated to the pattern of thought of a real chess player. Excellent estimate of dynamic factors with subtle determination of the position nuances (positional quality sacrifice is a proprietary method of the program!) allows it to reach unprecedented results in game and quality of analysis. However Rybka author is still trying to improve the program. The rating of the program rises every time a new version is released and at the current moment Rybka 3.2 rating is 3084 points.

If you want to play against Rybka a super unique computer is not necessarily required, in contrast to the Deep Blue case. Just download Rybka or buy the CD in our ChessOk chess shop and install it on your personal computer.

Rybka chess program is available in two modes:

  • Rybka UCI
  • Rybka UCI & Chess Openings 2007
  • Rybka UCI has to be integrated into a program that supports such function. This program can be ChessAssistant, Fritz, ChessBase etc.
  • Rybka UCI & Chess Openings 2007 (on DVD) is a completely independent program that doesn’t require any additional programs and operations. Complete set of the program includes 3 100 000 games, detailed theoretical material about all openings, opening test mode, and also opportunity to play on ChessOK and ICC servers.

You also can play versus Rybka 3.2 Online right now (no downloads is required). Just follow the link Play vs Rybka Online.

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