Chess Assistant 23 & Chess Assistant 22
Chess Assistant 23 combines advanced game database management, analysis powered by the strongest engines, the advanced Tree mode, Opening Encyclopedia and many other features.

Chess Assistant 23 €75.96
Chess Assistant 22 €47.48 » chess shop. Chess equipment. chess shop. Chess equipment. 02 February 2007

The Chess Shop has been the only one developer of the chess software on the territory of former USSR for 15 years. During that time thousands of chess players were convinced of the high quality of our products.

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Wide choice of chess books translated to different languages, chess engines, and exclusive training and teaching software, which was developed by programmers together with skillful chess masters and coaches. Along with the PC software, you can also find programs for Smartphones and PCP in our ChessOk chess shop

You can purchase the required good using Internet Order. Detailed descriptions of the goods will help you to choose the exact chess equipment you are looking for. If you have any problems while choosing the equipment or you don’t know how to choose chess, software or anything else, feel free to email the sales assistant

The following software is in good demand in our ChessOk chess shop:

ChessAssitant 10 (Details about the software)

Rybka 3.0 (What is Rybka?!)

Rybka 3.0 & Chess Openings 2009

Deep Rybka 3.0 & Chess Openings 2009

CT-ART 3.0

Chess Combinations Encyclopedia

Total Chess Training I, II and III

Chess Middlegame Collection

Pocket Chess Strategy

Chess Champion for smartphones and other.

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