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ChessOK.com » Rybka 3 Aquarium 3.0.8 Update
Rybka 3 Aquarium 3.0.8 Update 05 December 2008
Rybka 3 Aquarium logotypeRybka 3 Aquarium 3.0.8 Update has been released just recently. You can download it using ChessOK Downloader or from our site: Full update from any version Incremental update 3.0.7 to 3.0.8 The download size is 16 Mb. For German version: after installing the update, delete the file <aquarium>\Aquarium.ger-rs-map. We’ll release special German 3.0.8 update soon. Read below what’s new (also available in the Aquarium FAQ):

Added features

  • Main tree is now flushed to disk when Tree Options dialog is displayed.
  • Hash size can be set separately for each engine in engine match.
  • Column sizes in games list are now saved.
  • Rybka is not requested sampled search when it is switched off.

Major bugfixes

  • Fixed crash when starting Game Analysis for a new game in PGN/CDP.
  • ‘Load CTG’ button now works again.
  • Fixed Infinite analysis crash when the game was closed prior to stopping analysis.
  • Game analysis now works if the game starts not from the initial position.
  • Improved pasting PGN into IDEA display.
  • Fixed crippled Navigation Pane view with Large Fonts.

Minor bugfixes

  • Version number in the About box is correct.
  • Fixed early clock starts in engine matches (the clocks started before the engines finished initializing).
  • Fixed a rare bug with losing board-notation synchronisation after setting up position.
  • Aquarium now prompts whether the user wants to delete/rewrite the database.
  • Fixed missing ‘Date’ and ‘Round’ PGN fields at export.
  • Fixed Infinite analysis bug with Chess960 castling.
  • A new line is no longer added to a CQL script after each CQL search.
  • Switching to wrong Engine type in the Engines list no longer crashes.
  • Fixed occasional Aquarium crash when the engine crashes itself.
  • Fixed crashes with changing engine list during the match.
  • Removed occasional ‘zombie’ engines left in memory after Aquarium exit.
  • Fixed incorrect behaviour when the active engine is renamed.
  • Common Hash size in engine tournaments now working and is displayed properly.
  • Fixed crash when the engine resigns that was playing with a multi-PV handicap.
  • Fixed the text in ‘When time is up’ box of Game analysis settings.
  • Fixed wrong behaviour at column dragging in the games list.
  • Fixed column order in game lisis of different database types.
  • Fixed different popup menus appearing in Tree window when right-clicking around.
  • Allowed restoring the database for opening commentary in game analysis.
  • Fixed occasional crashes in game analysis of the PGN game.
  • ‘Turn’ in Position search now has effect in non-DSN databases.
  • Infinite analysis display now doesn’t skip depths.
  • Fixed crashes when changing engine settings and then loading.
  • Fixed crash during game list column resize.
  • Fixed occasional ‘go infinite’ sent to engine before ‘readyok’ is received.

What’s next:

This concludes the Aquarium 3.0 series. Our next goal as adding a new major feature or two around January. Details won’t be disclosed yet, but it isn’t IDEA.

Discussion and feedback

Thread on Rybka Forum

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